2 Smart Tips For Self Storage

Where are you storing your belongings during a long move? Do your homework on local self storage facilities to find a safe, dependable location for your valued items when moving from Point A to Point B.

Use these 2 proven tips for smart self storage.


Packing for self-storage requires planning. Don’t bank on self storage companies automatically adding packing as part of the services offered. Expect to pay for packing and also to do the job yourself. Think through the packing process.

What do you plan to use frequently? Place items strategically to save yourself a significant amount of time. Build an inventory of the items you’ve packed and where you’ve placed them. Figure out the replacement value of each item for insurance purposes. Should any breakage occur you’d want to refer to a hard and fast number. Don’t cheap out on boxes. Using boxes frequently accelerates degradation.

Purchase similarly-sized boxes for easier stacking. Keep your items clean by boxing all possible products. Dirt and dust will settle on any unboxed item quickly in a storage facility.

Although you want to fill boxes close to the brim avoid overloading. Go easy on your back and lessen the likelihood of breaking even sturdy boxes. Special packing, towels or paper are smart choices for box filler. Partially filled boxes serve as poor foundations for large stacks. A half-filled box resting near the stack base will cause a nasty tumble.

Use labels to organize your belongings. This helps with both inventory and locating boxes you need to access. Label boxes on multiple sides. Spare yourself the frustration of having to move a stack of boxes just to read a label. All fragile items should be labeled accordingly.

Stay away from packing books and other heavy items in boxes to avoid breakage.  If you want to store heavy items in boxes place only a few of these products in the box along with lighter items.

Pack books flat to avoid damage and don’t use sealed plastic bags as packing.  Humidity inside of sealed bags causes mildew and moisture damage.

Picking the Facility

Do an in-person check up of any self storage facility. Assess security on the premises. If you feel confident that your stuff is safe you can choose a facility without worrying about your belongings.  Also ensure that you can access your belongings around the clock. Is the unit big enough to accommodate your current as well as future needs? Depending on how much you need to store you may require more space in the future.

If you’re storing expensive items the facility should offer an enclosed unit to ward off prying eyes. Think through climate control too. Archived documents, business goods and upholstered items don’t do too well in hot, humid environments. Rodents and other pests must not be an issue; ask facility staff the measures in place to address vermin.  Do your homework to avoid any shocks after you’ve signed your contract. Read fine print.

If you’re moving in or around the San Fernando Valley consider this self storage facility.