10 Reasons Online Shopping Is A Great Idea

It really isn’t a massive secret that online shopping brings many of us great pleasure. Evidence could be seen clearly with this year’s Black Friday response from consumers. High street shops put out extra security measures expecting the terrifying crowds of last year, only to find a relatively quiet shopping day occured in-store, but absolute droves of purchases being made online instead.
There are lots of reasons people love online shopping, some reasons are practical, other reasons are just extra little bonuses we really, really appreciate – here are just some of them:

1. The Animals Love It

On wet and windy days when no one, even the cat, wants to venture outside and everyone is cosied up on the sofa fighting for space on the cosy fleece, it really is in your animals’ best interest you stay in.You hate seeing their big eyes tripling in size, looking up at you as sad as anything as you leave the house to shop, so why put them and you through it? Stay at home, get the cat on your lap and the dog at your feet (or both on your head depending on their style!) and shop at home for their sake…

2. Comfies

Jogging bottoms, fleece lined leggings, your old stained hoodie – whatever your comfies are, they are designed to be worn by you at home where nobody else can see them. If you went out shopping, you would have to take them off which would be rubbish.

3. Getting Packages Through The Post Is Still Really Exciting

It never stops being exciting getting a package through the post with your name on! You know it can’t be a bill unless the bank have gone back to inscribing messages on stone, so it can only be exciting!

4. You Can Do It On Your Lunch Break At Work

You don’t have time to leg it to the nearest shopping centre, browse and buy, and eat lunch and gossip about the recent works do all in 45 minutes, but you do have time if the shopping part is online.

5. You Can Do It Any Time

Maybe you’re up at the crack of dawn because the neighbours are, or you can’t sleep because you had coffee like an hour ago – whatever your reason for being awake when everyone else is snoozing – if you can’t sleep you can at least shop!

6. Finding Receipts For Returns Isn’t An Issue

In a shop you buy the goods, grab the notes, change and receipt quickly, cram it all in your purse and walk away, then probably drop the receipt in the next shop getting your cash out. This is an issue when it comes to returns, but it isn’t an issue with your favourite online fashion retail shop because you have email order confirmation – yay!.

7. Ugly Shopping Face Isn’t An Issue

You’ve been shopping for an hour, tried on clothes in the tiny changing room that is hotter than the sun, your hair is a bird’s nest, you have a massive sweaty tash and you are wishing you had never judged your ‘shopping temperature’ on the temperature outside (when it is freezing outside but tropical in the shops) – your scarf and woolly jumper were not a good idea. All of this causes ugly shopping face, which just isn’t a look even the best Instagram filter can fix. At home, you get to look ugly all on your own, or put your makeup on, look great and stay looking great with your Pajama topknot chic – no sweaty tash to be seen.

8. No Angry Shoppers Rage

When you’ve been around a few shops, there seem to be 888278437248978 people all trying to get in your way, your feet hurt, you haven’t bought a thing and you feel like actually grrr-ing at the next person to barge past you. This is angry shoppers rage and you don’t get that shopping online at home.

9. No Annoying Sales People

It doesn’t matter how big their fake smile is, I don’t want or need their help, so I will avoid them altogether and shop online thank you very much.

10. No 5p Carrier Bag Charge

The charge is annoying, but not as annoying as assistants now not asking you if you want a bag and waiting for you to ask for one so they can smugly tell you it costs money now. I’ll save my 5p’s and shop online thanks!