What Are The 6 Points You Need To Keep In Mind While Designing The Uniform Of Your Company?

A uniform means standard clothing worn by employees of an organisation while taking part in organisation’s activity .In other words it means the same, no difference as it projects a neat, presentable and professional appearance.If the dresses of members in an organisation are same then there is a sense of commonality that develops amongst them. The total image team will work closely with you so that the best fit uniform is designed for your staff members. They ensure 100% satisfaction of their members by providing customization services.

In some organisations it is considered as honour and pride receiving a uniform. It also results in saving time and energy in the personnel as one doesn’t have to choose again and again the clothes to be worn. No matter how rich or poor he or she is there is a sense of equality among the workers. When the workforce is wearing the proper uniform the customer approaches confidently.

While designing the uniform some key points should be kept in mind –

  • Logo or name tag – Each shirt, sweatshirt, blouse, leather jacket etc. Should bear the logo of the company that shall be sewn in the front of the garment prior before issuing it.
  • Colour-When it comes to formal or corporate look white, off-white or light colours are highly accepted .It is important to see that while designing the corporate uniform the colours used should not be extremes but light as it depicts elegancy.
  • Fabric– A uniform is usually made up of a cotton fabric but today there are a lot of varieties in market like polyester, linen, lycra and other blended fibres. One can choose the fabric based on comfort level, the working environment i.e. AC or NON AC, or the climatic condition of your city.
  • Patterns– With the change in time and people growing concerns towards fashion there are lot of patterns introduced in the market. For e.g.  Plain, normal striped or checked which can have regular check or micro checked patterns.
  • Style-There are different styles revolving around for corporate looks like cuffs, collars, pockets etc? Total image can style the uniform according to your requirement and need as they allow customization of the products. This way the companies can give their personal touch.
  • Fit –While designing the uniform it is important to see fitting of the dress. For example formal shirts should have long sleeves or it should fit perfectly at the chest.

Apart from this the stiches of the uniform should be in place and buttons should be proper fixed  and stitched .In case of skirts and dresses the right colour and material are important  but the length  is critical. So while designing the dress it is a must check, whereas in case of pants twill and corduroy are good fabric choices for business casuals. Total image associates not only provide supreme services for their products but also ensure that very high quality fabric is used. The customers should be happy and satisfied after wearing their uniforms this is their motto.