Valuable Information About Horserace Betting

Horseracing is just like sports betting. It is thrilling to watch the race, when you have wagered. How to make horse race bet profitable is given below.

Thorough bred racing

Thoroughbred racing is popular in US, where you will see a jockey sitting on the back of a pure-bred horse. Racetracks provide a ‘card’ for nine races, daily. Every race is different and has specific pre-requisites to participate.

Five categories

  • Fillies – female horses up to 4 years
  • Colts – Uncastrated 4 years or young males
  • Geldings – Castrated colt
  • Mares – 5 years and more females
  • Horses – Uncastrated 5 years or older males

Types of races

  • Claiming race

Most popular race but offers small purses, so best horses hardly appear in claiming race.

  • Maiden race

Horses that have not won a single race is called maiden race. As soon as, a horse wins this race, it is not eligible for this kind of event.

  • Stakes race

Stakes race awards largest purses and so attracts the best horses. Owners have to pay entrance & starting fees for having their horse participate in this competition.

  • Handicap race

Top field horses are attracted towards this race. Individual weights of each participant are assigned to balance the competition and enjoy a fair race. Generally, the handicapper determines that weakest horse carries least weight and strongest one the most.

  • Allowance race

In this race, the horse needs to suit specific conditions, for example, its weight will be based on the amount of cash prize or number of races won by that specific horse.

Horserace – tips for betting

  • Buy the program guide

Each race details are printed separately in the program. It becomes easy for those who desire to bet on the basis of horse’s name or jockey’s clothes color. Otherwise you will need to wait for announcements, which occurs 15 minutes prior race time. You will get information about the horses post position, for example the No. 1 horse will be close to the rail, and the others will be lined up in numerical order towards the outside.

You gain a lot of vital information like year of birth, gender, color, lineage, owner, trainer, jockey, and even color of jockey’s clothes. The guidebook even provides information about the horse’s ongoing treatment details, its weight, and the official odds written on each horse (morning lines) by handicappers. You can view the odds changes on the tote boards, which keep track of bets made.

  • Making a racetrack bet

There are 3 basic types of horse race bets including

  1. Horse to win
  2. Horse to place
  3. Horse to show.

Betting on win means the horse has to come first. On place means the horse can come first or 2nd. You can bet on show and cover most possibilities.

You can bet at the wagering window. You will need to tell the employee the betting amount, kind of bet and the horse’s number.

Minimum bet is $2 and payouts are decided by odds but they keep on fluctuating because people are still betting. You can view the final odds on tote board.  Generally, odds increase and give you more winnings.

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