Top 10 Exercises That Will Help You To Succeed In Writing

Wiring process can be compared to being a parent. Even though you love your child, sometimes you need to catch a break. You will see the writing process at a different angle if you try writing in a new fresh way. The following exercises will be helpful in any type of writing including both fiction and non-fiction.

  • Use Free Association Technique

To start with, it is worth mentioning free association. It is the best way to start the writing process. Here, you should open up a new Word Document and start writing down everything that comes to your mind. You should travel up to your subconsciousness and retrieve any ideas that you find there. In some cases you may face a sort of a blockage which is something that has been disturbing your. Therefore, you should note it down and take it out from your mental system. If you need a top quality essay, you can find a few in the web and compare.

  • Use an Unconventional Approach

Here, you should think of something that you feel particularly interested in, for example a hobby and then write down everything you can come up with. The thing is that you are sure to have numerous ideas about some facts that you adore. When writing even a single paragraph it is better to focus on something that does not concern your project.  This exercise will help you to make a fresh start on you project.

  • Find your Inspiration

To start writing when you are stuck, it is helpful to read works of other authors, particularly those who use the writing style that is required for the project you are working on at the moment. For example, if you have to deal with fantasy piece of writing as your project, you should spend some while reading such books as Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. In case with biography writing, you should look through biographies of people who you admire. Travelling in another persons’ world is likely to help you get started on your own project.

  • Consider the Role of a Musical Muse

To feel more connection to your piece of writing, you should consider the role of music here. You should switch on your MP3 player and listen to those songs that are most appealing to you as well as those that share the tune with the tone of your work. For that matter, you can use and as they are free of charge and allow to start enjoying music streaming instantly.

  • Play with Words

You should choose a particular verb, adjective and noun. It is solely a random choice of words. Then, you should compose a story with the help of these words in a certain context. It is also rather helpful to use this exercise with another writer where you will provide each other with a verb, adjective or noun and then find out what sentences you both have made up.

  • Listen to What Strangers Say

This exercise proves to be really useful in case you fail to make up a smooth dialogue between your characters. You should sit in any public place, e.g. a park or a campus at a local college and listen to strangers’ talking. In the process you should take as many notes as possible and spread them among other writers. This exercise will also help you to get cheered up.

  • Start Writing with the Help of Prompts 

Writing prompts are normally referred to those topics that are typical and can help you start putting down ideas. The prompts like that can be words, phrases or paragraphs. Sometimes, you can also use this approach with pictures instead of writing materials as long as it helps you to concentrate on something that you write.

  • Use Person-Place-Event Technique

The exercise is rather helpful if you are stuck and cannot come up with new ideas. Here, you should find a piece of paper and make two lines using a pen, which will divide a paper into three columns. The first column will be devoted to any person you can imagine, like a fireman or your spouse, anyone can be presented. After that, you should come up with a variety of places, ranging from a typical grocery store to Ireland, while in the last column, you will write down a specific period of time when a certain historical event took place, for instance take the Battle of Gettysburg as a place and 1492 as a date. You will need to combine these three elements together by writing about a particular situation.

  • Research as Much as Possible

You should come up with any topic word possible. Then, just look this word up in a number of reference sites, including,, and, to name just a few. With the help of these sites, you will learn as many facts as possible regarding the topic you chose. For convenience, use a file for research notes.

  • Try a New Point of View

Choose a genre or a point of view that you have never used before and write a brief story based using them. If you previously preferred using a third-person perspective, now you should try a first-person view. In case you normally prefer using non-fiction genre, then here you should write in a fiction genre. Instead of romances, you should try writing adventure stories. Even though you may find it somewhat unusual to write in a new manner, you will definitely find a new source inspiration with this approach.

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