The Road To Becoming An Engineer

Engineering is one of the most revered study streams in our country. It is a dream of many young Indians to choose this field of study and to make their careers worthwhile. Though the path to achieving your goal and getting admissions in premier engineering institutes isn’t an easy one but nothing is impossible.

So, if you are aspiring to become an engineer then you are in the right place. Like you, many aspirants look to crack exams like JEE (Joint Engineering Entrance) and BITSAT to get a seat in the IITs and NITs. But to be the best among lakhs of aspirants takes some hard work and perseverance.

What does it take?

Well, it takes a lot to be an engineer and that too be a good one. If engineering is your dream then you have to make every day count and also have a mindset to achieve it. Let’s lay the path to becoming an engineer for you:

  • The desire and inclination

Before setting out to sail, make sure of the destination. If you are intrigued by machines, cars, computers, ironman suit or even the Batmobile then there is no better stream for you than engineering. It’s not just about loving all these things but also inclination to know what goes behind making of these dream tools.

  • When to begin?

Don’t wait for your class 10 to be over and then decide that you want to do engineering as someone to dictate you what to do. Give extra attention to the subjects of science and mathematics so your bases are crystal clear when you choose physics, mathematics, and chemistry in your senior secondary classes. Most National Level engineering entrance tests will be based on the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) class 11 and 12 syllabi, so dive into NCERT books.

  • Prepare diligently for the entrance tests

The choice of taking coaching or doing self-study for the exam will lie entirely on you. What is important here to prepare well. JEE, BITSAT and other state entrance tests won’t be easy to crack and the make a mark among lakhs of aspirants will take some doing from your part. First, get done with the concepts, practice numerical problems, and then comes the most important step:

  1. Taking Mock Tests: Exams like JEE demands speed and accuracy in complicated topics. So, taking JEE Mock tests will help you be exam ready and also make you confident for other engineering entrance tests.
  2. Solving Previous year’s papers: To ace, the toughest exams in the country requires deciphering the pattern of the exams. So many concepts to remember that prioritizing topics becomes important. This is where previous year’s papers come to the picture. Information regarding important topics, most asked topics become important and will keep you ahead of the game.
  • What happens when you clear the exam?

Your journey to becoming an engineer doesn’t end with cracking the exams. The next step is to prepare and attend counseling session by the engineering institutes. Based on your rank you will be asked to choose a college and a branch. If you make the cut then you will need to provide your original documents. Why prepare for the counseling? Because you need to choose the college and branch based not only your rank but also by taking other reservations into account.

You need to prepare for contingencies as well in case you don’t get a seat in your desired college or branch. You have to be present for the counseling session in person.


This article just talks about the first step to becoming an engineer. Once you get admission in a premier institute, that is when the real journey begins. After taking admissions, many think that they have done it all. To have a worthwhile career, one needs to make the most of the engineering life and what it has to offer.

Reality called life has just begun!