The Green Building Solution – Log Homes

We all would agree that this Earth is a limited resource we have and it’s our part to protect it for the greater good. As a part of this global camping to save our planet, a lot of companies and industries are now focusing on green products.

Even the housing manufacturers and companies are into making products for a greener future. When it comes to homes, log home especially that made of the timber is by far the eco-friendly homes.

Why is a log Home a Green Building Solution?

It is certain that log homes are made up of logs. Logs are harvested from standing dead trees. This does not affect the forest negatively as, these trees could be the potential fuel for a forest fire. Also, taking them down provides room for new species to spring up. Besides, most of the manufacturing companies are involved in reforestation activities, to make sure the harvested forest is being replenished. This proves that the housing industry is following a sustainable practice for a better future, specifically the log homes industry. You can have a word with Discovery Timber Homes Canada.

The thermal mass in the logs makes a log home easier and less expensive to heat in the winter and more economical to cool in the summer. With the log constructions, the use of drywall, insulation and other toxic products and chemicals are also greatly reduced.

People with allergies, can expect that a home that is constructed with natural materials and also can virtually guarantee a healthier experience due to the improvement of indoor air quality. The air quality is improved when the home is a log home.

Log homes are by far the original green building solution that is made completely from the Earth’s most plentiful resource without any exploitation at all. Logs used in the construction of log homes can often be obtained locally, as opposed to other building products that require transportation from other states or even countries. This means that logs are delivered to construction sites in close proximity to the area of harvest, resulting in reduced transportation costs. Also, log home is easiest to build and hence faster. So these factors are an added advantage to log homes compared to that of conventional homes.

The aged logs, that are a part of the old log homes, can be reused to build new homes or other structures. These logs can also be recycled and there is a good market for recycled logs.

With the increase in population, deforestation is already a major concern. Besides all the other issues that are related to the growing demand with the growing population, log home building is that one practise which doesn’t worsen the situation at all. In fact, it is helping by the use of sustainable practises.

One of those controllable choices is the materials we choose to build our homes, and a log home offers a sustainable and environmentally-friendly solution to energy conservation and natural resources management.

A good log home begins with a good design for which one has to see a good Log Home Designer. That’s not it. One should also look for a potential Log Home Manufacturer who is capable of building according to the design.