The Go-To Person For Quality Financial Advice In California

The founder and present Chief Strategist for Select Portfolio Management Inc., Anthony Amaradio is a reputed financial specialist. With over thirty years of experience in the industry, Amaradio’s name is widely known in specialized financial circles and his reputation as a top-notch investment advisor certainly precedes him. Originally from Michigan, Anthony is currently based in Aliso Viejo, California and is well-known for his work in Southern California.

The Early Years

Anthony Amaradio’s career in the financial services industry traces its origin to more than three decades ago when he decided to undertake an MBA course with a concentration in both taxes and taxation, and finance. After he graduated in a reflection of his caliber and capability at the fresher stage itself, Anthony was recruited by a Fortune 500 company. Indicative of his maturity, he elected to decline the offer and entered the financial services industry. He then quickly earned himself a reputation for achievement and generating positive results, which eventually led him starting up his own financial service firm in Aliso Viejo.

An Overview of Anthony’s Experience

Known as a visionary in the financial service industry, Anthony Amaradio recognized the need to have a comprehensive, well-integrated system of wealth and finance management for the clients with a high net worth very early in his career. After building experience over several years by helping clients build, plan uses for, and preserve their assets, Anthony developed what may be considered to be among the first holistic wealth management models in the United States of America.

Over the years, Anthony recognized that in order to implement and subsequently manage his financial model, he would require a very talented pool of individuals from multiple spheres such as finance, taxation, law and insurance. When the time came for kick-starting his own firm, Select Portfolio Management Inc., and become a major player in the finance world, he recruited and began interacting with among the most talented, innovative and experienced practitioners in the domains of finance and law.

Select Portfolio Management

Once he had built up his business strategy, Amaradio founded his own financial services company – Select Portfolio Management, Inc. – in order to take his professional goals forward. Anthony and his team have been responsible for developing several advanced business strategies for financial management.


Anthony Amaradio is well-known across the nation and is a popular and sought after speaker for finance-related events all over the country. Additionally, he is something of a celebrity in the financial circuit of Southern California, where he is widely known as the host of his own financial talk show over the radio, dubbed ‘Market Talk’, which used to air every day for around twenty years. Also, now that his firm is performing stably, Anthony has been involved in several charitable ventures, and supports his philanthropy by making appearances as a guest speaker in order to help major non-profit donors better their own financial capacities and abilities and to become more effective philanthropists themselves. He makes it a point to devote a third of his time to activities related to charity and giving.