The Exotic Hill Haven Of North India: Leh

Leh is characterized by quietness, serenity and it makes you feel as if you have entered a paradise a long way from the city life where you can neglect everything else and simply welcome every moment that you spend here. It has a captivating society and a visit to the old parts allows you to explore presumably the most beautiful Buddhist statues, relics and holy books. It is said that in Leh, a man sitting in the sun with his feet in the shade can encounter the evil impacts of sunstroke and frostbite at the same time. But considering the beauty of this spot, who minds encountering eccentricities, right?

To reach Leh, one can either fly down specifically to the Leh Airport or get down at the Pathankot or Chandigarh railway station, if going via train. Else, you can even take a taxi from Srinagar to Leh and appreciate the entire excursion, seeing the spectacular environs all through the road trip. Believe us, after touring this gem of a place, looking for the return Leh to Delhi flights would seem to be a punishment. So let’s explore the most sought after spots that you can visit around while in Leh.

Lamayuru Monastery

This spot shows you how being in the lap of nature and a long way from all the hustle of the city can allow you to have one of the best nighttimes of star-gazing in your life. If you wish to make the most of your trip to The Lamayuru Monastery, then plan your trip to Ladakh in accordance with the period of falling stars in the domain.

Pangong Lake

Pangong Lake is a champion amongst the most visited spots in Leh and is found just 160 kilometers away from Ladakh. The drive to Pangong lake is a capricious ordeal, offering pleasant viewpoints. It is a delightful lake with valuable, stone blue waters favored with beguiling atmosphere reliably. Welcome the seclusion near the quiet waters of this brilliant lake and take out your cameras to get the lovely views of this wonderful spot.

Spituk Monastery

The Spituk Monastery, generally known as the Spituk Gompa, falls under the Leh District in Ladakh. It was named by Rinchen Zangpo, translator of Sanskrit Buddhist works to Tibetan. Keeping in mind its tremendous collection of antiquated cloaks, paintings, arms, and different thangkas or religious Tibetan silk centerpieces, this group attracts devotees and also voyagers too.

Magnetic Hill

One of the best spots to visit in Leh is the Gravity Hill, having strong magnetic properties which can pull heavy as well as light vehicles and even make Aircrafts go higher to the extent with the objective that they could evade the magnetic fields. Due to this staggering effect, a colossal number of people from all over the world are pulled in towards this spot.

Nubra Valley

A desert is in the last thing that one would think about, while on a trip to Leh-Ladakh, yet there it is. The sand dunes of the Nubra Valley offer the tourists an all that much Arabian Nights like experience. The famous two-humped camels are found in the district and are the highlight of the trip for those who are fond of wildlife or animals.

With so much to look forward to, how can one ignore or overlook the heavenly Leh for a splendid summer trip, right? A piece of advice: if you have any breathing ailments or have a baby along, then better don’t visit Leh-Ladakh, for the oxygen levels here are quite low. Be safe, and enjoy!