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The Hopi occupy a place of about 2, 439 so miles in northeastern Arizona at an altitude of 5, 800-6, 000 feet. The Hopi individuals live in 12 hamlets located in four areas referred to as First Mesa, Second Mesa, and Third Mesa.

While terminology custom and convention are comparable, each region has features which are distinctive from other regions. Traveling across Hopi is simple – just follow Arizona State Highway 264 which links the Upper Village of Moenkopi with the other hamlets. Tourists can travel through a few of the most open and spotless land in the American west.

These guides are extremely knowledgeable about the customs and culture of the Arizona. They know the Kachina Doll carvers, basket makers, craftsmen along with other artists and may introduce visitors to the artists and describe the importance of the artwork.

Hopi villages you live hamlets – the original private and guided Arizona tours  continue to be intact and have constantly been inhabited for hundreds of years. When visitors enter the hamlets, they’re entering into the present lifestyle of the individuals in the hamlets. Tourists could meet Hopi artists whenever you tour the villages.

Authorized private tours and guides know basket manufacturers, craftsmen, carvers, painters, potters, and weavers who’ll invite tourists in their home workshops. Tourists may additionally meet artists on the Walking Tours of Arizona in Walpi and Sipaulovi, where artists sell their artwork in the streets of the hamlets. Tourists can find artwork on their visit to the Arizona mesas that may be bona fide and will be a few of the most beautiful Native American artwork.