Style Guide For Your Body Type

When it comes to fashion, finding clothes that fit your body type is the most important factor. Measurements alone do not provide sufficient guidance on how to pick the best clothes for you. The shape of your body and how the clothes accentuate certain areas are equally important. Your look can be completely transformed just by finding clothing that fits your body type properly.

Full-Figured Tips

Full-figured women come in all shapes and sizes. For women who are more circular, like an apple, it is recommended to avoid clothing that emphasises the middle area. Wearing clothing that fits loosely around the stomach and waist will help detract attention from that area. With this particular body type, it is helpful to wear pants that fit more snuggly to further detract from the middle area.

For full-figured women who are shaped like pears, meaning their hips are broader than their shoulders, wide leg pants come in handy. They can also benefit from wearing dresses that facilitate the illusion that they have a broader neckline. The idea is to lessen the dramatic ratio between the upper body and the hips.

Full-figured women can utilise shape-wear to help enhance their curves and minimise problem areas. When looking for plus size dresses in Australia, it is helpful to put on shapewear underneath to maximise the look.

Hourglass Tips

Women who have an hourglass shape are typically smaller in the middle with curves on top and bottom. The best way to accentuate this body type is to wear clothing that emphasises the thin waist and appropriately highlights the curves. This can be done through high-waisted pants and wrap dresses. The high-waisted pants can help draw attention to the middle area while minimising attention to the thighs.

Rectangle Tips

Women with a rectangle shape typically have bodies that are straight up and down. In order to add the appearance of curves, snug fitting pants at the waist are key. It is also helpful to wear belts and other garments that accentuate the waist. This will give the appearance of an hourglass figure. Boot-cut pants are also recommended for cleaner lines. For women with rectangular shaped body types, it is helpful to add depth to outfits by wearing patterns and different cuts.

General Tips

As you can see, different body types have drastically different recommendations. One similarity across all the body types is to avoid wearing clothing that is too snug or oversized. Extremely snug clothing is uncomfortable and unattractive while oversized clothing makes it seem like you have given up and did not care about your image at all. The main idea is to find clothing that fits comfortably while also drawing attention to your favourite parts of your body.

Clothes that do not fit your body type can be unflattering. Remember that clothes are designed to decorate your body and have you looking your very best. You do not have to sacrifice comfort for looking nice either. These days, clothes are made of high-quality fabrics that offer style without sacrificing comfort.