Samsung Galaxy S9 Will Be A Leader Smartphone

At the moment, Galaxy S line is represented by two current models of smartphones i.e. Galaxy S8 and S8 edge. Flat and not too big S8 is positioned as a classic smartphone for everyone. Screen size 5.1 inches is not a problem, even when holding miniature female handles, and the absence of any specific bells and whistles in the design are not deterred by the usual standard form factor of an audience. Next year, Samsung will again launch same form factor phone i.e. Galaxy S9 release date.

PHABLET S8 edge, on the contrary, acts as a tricked his older brother for the discerning. it not only 0.4 inches longer, but also offers a special housing design with the screen rounded on the sides. So, there will be Galaxy S9 Edge version too. Galaxy S8 does not really seem like much, especially compared to other modern smartphones. Look, it’s noticeably leaner even outstanding size Nexus 5X and certainly does not deserve to be called a spade.

We believe if we collect a hundred people and ask them to choose between S8 and S8 edge, classic unconditionally win. So, Galaxy S9 will rule over S9 Edge as well. Few dare to buy large, more expensive and raises questions in terms of the convenience of the device. The Galaxy S8 is very easy to fall in love. Really. Just take it in your hand, and you will understand everything at once. Feel Galaxy S8, and your build quality criteria have changed dramatically. The smartphone does not look like something that consists of hundreds of parts, and is perceived only as a whole, solid, elaborately polished piece of glass without a hint of sharp angles and lines, with carefully alloyed layer of metal in the middle. Not even talk about the need to backlash and squeaks. Everything is tailored perfectly. It’s such a neat and smooth. The leaked Galaxy S9 concept also looks neat.

Galaxy S8 is executed in accordance with the standard IP68 that is not afraid of dust and water. Please note that such a high waterproof does not require any removable caps and other rubbish. The smartphone can withstand 30-minute immersion in water to a depth of 1.5 meters open the USB-port and connector for headphones. We did not check the water resistance in practice as well as YouTube videos already confirming Samsung stated level of protection against water. Samsung will launch Galaxy S9 will waterproof characters as well.

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