Reviewing The NRP Basics – Some Of The Essential Course Details

If you are planning to get certified as a neonatal resuscitation program provider (NRP), then you should know all the details about the course and the steps involved in getting certified. In this article, we will help you understand the process of getting certified as an NRP provider, so that it becomes easier for you to complete your course and know what to expect in the process.

  • Self directed learning –

The NRP course is a self directed learning process. To prepare for the exams, you have to learn and prepare from NRP textbooks and DVD- ROM that are available in the market for your help.

There are different modules to learn in this course, such as the basic and the advanced level. The basic level is module from 1 – 4 and 9 and the advanced level include all the modules. It is important for an individual to complete the desired modules (basics or advanced) before taking the online exam. The time required to complete the modules completely depends upon individuals and their studying capacity.

The textbook required for this course is specified “The Neonatal Resuscitation, 6th Edition, and it comes with a DVD-ROM (ISBN-13: 978-1-58110-498-1). This specific textbook has the latest self paced learning approach.

The text book is very helpful for students who are preparing for the exams to get certified for an NRP provider. The course materials provided are not included in the fees for registration. You can purchase the textbook from different stores providing pediatrics course books.

  • Online exam –

Once you complete your modules and are fully prepared, the next step is the online exam. To get certified as an NRP provider, every individual has to appear and successfully clear the online exams. This online exam is a prior step to the classroom sessions.

Individuals who successfully clear the exams are allowed to attend the classroom sessions. It is important for the individual to take the exam 30 days prior to attending the classroom sessions. A proof will be required from an individual by the instructor to be allowed to attend the classroom sessions.

The online exam fee is also not included in the registration fees. You are supposed to pay for your exam at the time of registration separately.

  • Classroom sessions –

The final step of certification program for NRP provider is attending the classroom sessions. The classroom sessions are basically a practical demonstration of all the knowledge and skill you learned in your lessons and modules. You will require practicing procedures and applying NRP resuscitation skills.

The classroom sessions will be a combination of small group sessions as well as stimulation based curriculum. The classroom sessions are focused on how you apply your knowledge to practical skills.

People with medical background or students who are preparing to become a health professional with benefit a lot from getting certified as an NRP provider. You can find NRP classes San Diego through online resources. Getting certified as an NRP provider will provide you assistance in your medical career and also improve your medical skills.