Reasons You Need A Car Cover

Most of the time, a car is the 2nd most pricey thing that a person can own and the 1st one is their house. A car is an investment and you need a car cover to protect it, especially if you leave it outside. The most sensible thing to do is to ensure that your vehicle looks awesome while you are driving it on the road. Car covers can provide protection for your vehicle from a couple of issues that include weather, dirt, grime, and other elements. There are times when scratches can seem to appear out of nowhere while putting a car cover on it can stop damages from occurring. The paint job on your car is going to look better for a longer period and it will maintain the car’s good condition.

Car covers can protect your car from

  • Trees – During the hot season of August, nothing looks a bit more inviting like that open slot for parking under the shade. The thing is, trees can ruin your paint job. The first thing to consider is that you need to deal with sap. Even little drops of sap can cause your car’s color to change permanently. One particular sap that you should be most wary of is Pinesap because it contains turpentine, which is an enemy of car paint.
  • Bird Droppings – Bird droppings is a mixture of uric acid that can make any car’s paint job become damaged. When bird droppings are left on the car and it becomes dry it sticks itself to the metal, and after that, it will meld against it. Attempting to get rid of this substance can sometimes lead to just as much damage as what the bird droppings cause. Putting a car cover is the best way to keep any droppings from reaching your car’s paint.

  • Sunshine – Parking when the sun is up is not advisable because of the ultraviolet rays and heat that will have a profound effect on the finishes of the car. Colors of paint will not only fade, but there is a big chance that it will evenly fade after some time. If you are going to leave your car in the same spot every day, only one side of the car will be facing south all the time. UV rays can slowly eradicate parts of the beautifully finished paint.

The interior of your car will also not do well under the sun. It is because of the trapped heat that can dry out and will become deteriorated, regardless if it is vinyl, plastic, and rubber. It will break down the foam and padding, as well as the adhesives. The audio components, disks and tapes will get cooked. This is only going to worsen every year, as the layer of the ozone gets thinner. The good thing is that fabric manufacturers give a significant amount of time for research in understanding the UV rays effects, and cover design that is good for blocking them. They can also withstand UV exposure.

  • Hail – While covers of the car do not become damaged by normal rain, they are not able to go through hail storms without causing any damage. If there is a large hail storm, it is almost guaranteed that the car paint will get damaged. The size of hail can be between a small pea to big ones like a baseball. Car covers will not be able to protect your car from the big ones, but the small ones will be deflected and your car won’t have any dents on the roof, trunk areas and hood.

Types of car covers tree sap protection


A waterproof type of cover prevent water from touching the vehicle but they are not good for keeping the moisture underneath them because they prevent the moisture from evaporating. Moisture normally concentrates on the vehicle’s exterior overnight and during the morning while warming up, is going to evaporate away.  A car cover that is waterproof will not let any moisture evaporate so the water will never lift of from the surface. This can lead to rusting which can be very expensive to repair. If you are considering to use a waterproof car cover, use an indoor cotton cover so it becomes a barrier for moisture. The indoor cover is going to wick away and the waterproof cover is going to keep the car dry. This type of car cover can be used against tree saps.

Protection against any weather

This would depend on where you live because you might experience a lot of springs, summers, and winters. Picking a car cover that offers protection against any weather can also be used for keeping tree sap away from your car. There are some fabrics that are designed to protect your car’s paint job even from acid rain, which means that you can also use them against tree saps.

Choosing between universal and exact-fit

Before buying an exact fit cover, you can try the universal ones, but they are not for windy days because they can get blown off your car. A car cover with an exact-fit will be ideal because it will hug your car and they will stay secure even during windy days. If you live in an area where the weather is unpredictable, make sure to get an exact-fit car cover so you won’t have to worry about it getting blown away.

Tree saps are difficult to remove from the paint of your vehicle. Make sure to choose a car cover that will prevent most of the tree sap from reaching the finish of the paint. There are specific brands of car covers that are recommended for stopping them from causing any form of damage or discoloration to your car. Do your research and consider everything written in this post so you can have the best type of car cover to keep tree sap away from your car and causing your problems.

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