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Let us briefly look at how mobile voice calling has progressed over a period of years since the time it started.

What is voice calls?

A voice call is basically what the telephone was meant to do when it was discovered. It enables two people separated by a comparable distance to talk to each other by using an instrument. When a Motorola engineer made a call using the first prototype of a mobile phone in 1973, it was just meant to be a mobile extension of the landline telephone system. But as we all know things turned out to be something else.

The simple voice call that was meant to connect two people has now taken different forms driven mainly by technological innovations. Now we have VoIP and VoLTE. We have now an App based voice calling โ€“ the popular App with millions of users worldwide now facilitates users to call using the App. The best part is that the calls are free and it is a form of video call where one can see the other person that he/she is talking to. Even when there is no 4G signal in the area, one can still make or receive a call. VoLTE uses less battery thereby keep the battery intact for your other work. This technology is also great to make high quality video calls.

VoIP is the short form for Voice over Internet Protocol. Many popular software companies have developed applications that use this technology for conducting video calls through internet connectivity. The technology behind this is the use of packet-switched voice over internet protocol rather than the conventional circuit-switched telephony. VoIP calls are free other than the required charges that need to be paid for use of internet and can be conducted from an IP enabled phone to phone, an IP enabled phone to a computer, a computer to another computer and a computer to a mobile phone. This technology works on the 2G and 3G network. Started in 1990s, in order to make calls via this technology the user needs to have a web based or VoIP phones.

VoLTE is the abbreviation for Voice over LTE that is a 4G LTE network. This particular technology has its own sets of benefits. The biggest advantage is that it renders superior call quality because 4G is able to transfer three times more data than 3G and six times more data than 2G. This type of calling is also called the HD calling and it removes all kind of noise factor from the background. The VoLTE came into being in 2000s and works only with the 4G network. Only people with smart phones or 4G enabled phones can use this particular technology for making calls.

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