How Your Business Can Benefit With Dedicated Hosting India Services?

You need the services of a dedicated hosting India for your business when the traffic to your website is constantly increasing. Your present hosting plans are giving you signals that you have to upgrade due to the increasing traffic.  You have to consider an upgrade when

  • Your web pages are taking longer time to upload than previously
  • Experiencing error messages from databases to increase in volume
  • Having severe downtime affecting the business performance.

You will have to monitor and analyze your website performance at peak traffic hours and gauge the various issues that your website is having and causing trouble to your visitors from having a seamless experience.

What is a dedicated server?

When a business buys the services of a dedicated hosting India provider, they will have the complete server for their own use. You as a customer are allowed to host any number of websites and will have complete privacy as nobody else has access to the server. It means the concept of sharing the resources as you do in shared hosting and VPS server hosting is removed. You have better computing resources, security, privacy and reliability.

Who requires a dedicated server?

You should choose a dedicated hosting India plan when your business

1. Requires customers to part with highly confidential financial data like credit card details while closing a transaction requiring utmost security   

2. Attracts visitors from all over the globe and has to be open and available 24/7 needing comprehensive server resources without fear of any website crashing due to shortage of space  

3. Needs total control to configure and run the server in any manner you want

4. Hosts applications like CRMs, ERPs. etc.  that consumes a lot of more resources of memory, CPU, space and more.

Budget efficient:

Many businesses hesitate to move their websites to the dedicated server as they are under the misconception that it is expensive. Yes, cost wise it is. The plan costs are much higher than what you pay on the other two platforms of VPS and shared hosting. This is mainly because the expenses incurred on the server are all borne by you as there is no other business sharing the server. In contrast, shared hosting has numerous business sharing the server and the expenses are all split amongst them making it the most affordable hosting option. Study the benefits that dedicated hosting India offers and you will agree that the money you shell out can be considered as an investment rather than as an expense.

Total control over server:

Dedicated hosting India, gives you the power and freedom to configure the server in any manner you want. You have the liberty to install any software application that you find necessary for your business. Some providers also allow you to choose the hardware you prefer

You are not sharing the server resources with anybody, so you do not have to worry about falling short of resources at any time or other businesses pulling up more and slowing down the server. There is no possibility of a bad neighbor causing any disturbance to your business.

Improved performance, reliability and security:

Your servers are hosted in highly redundant data centers that are resilient in their infrastructure. The top dedicated hosting India providers guarantee of at least 99.95% network uptime. Since you are alone on the server, the risks of a compromised website or a website dealing in malicious activities affecting your business are totally eliminated. You are given a unique dedicated IP address with which you can get an SSL certificate which is now mandatory for online businesses. SSL also helps you in your SEO.  

The hosts extend 24/7 customer support over phone, chat and email to assist you in case you have any queries. Their technical team are stationed at the data centers and offer proactive monitoring to your server.  Proactive monitoring means the technical team from the host will be conducting frequent tests on the server to see that there is no issue that may aggravate into major problems that could create hindrance to your website from giving its best performance. 

By hosting your website on a dedicated server at a data center owned by your provider you save a lot of investment which goes into the building of a data center. You also save on power consumption as the host provides for it. So even if you are paying a higher plan fee for a dedicated hosting India, the advantages as mentioned above outweigh the expenditure and makes it an ideal and reliable hosting platform.

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