How To Stay Healthy In India While Travelling?

If you are a foreigner, NRI or even a resident of India who is planning to do an All- India tour you must go through this blog which is especially written focusing on a major issue that how can you stay healthy while travelling in India.

As we all know India is a land of diversity. You will see a lot of variation all over India which includes variation in people, their culture, food, climate, soil, festivals, languages, thus it is very important to maintain your health while being on your trip if you really want to enjoy that tinge of India.

  • The foremost thing is get your travel insurance done which will include full medical cover with a no excess policy. This will ensure that if you fall ill, all your medical expenses will be recovered.
  • Before you are all set to land India get vaccinated for the diseases like Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Cholera and Diphtheria.
  • Get prepared with a medical kit and include some antibiotics for common diseases. You can also keep a malaria medication as you are definitely going to face mosquitos in India. Also keep some rehydration salts to ensure that you don’t get dehydrated.
  • Wash your hands frequently so that you don’t get the germs and bacteria don’t catch you in their hands.
  • Drink only packaged mineral water. Tap water is not safe to drink because it is not sterilized.
  • If you want to eat some fresh fruits, do not eat them without washing properly.
  • Be very careful with the street food of India. India is a hub of tempting street food and they are actually delicious but you should be choosy in opting from where to eat. Eat only from those street food vendors who have a good crowd. Make sure the surroundings of his stall are clean and he is making it with tidy hands. Eating from anywhere without observing these important things may harm your health as you are not used to that kind of food. There is a much better option than that, you can use foodpanda coupons to order scrumptious food from any good restaurant at cheaper rates.
  • If you have been bitten by a bug don’t scratch it and use hydrocortisone cream or calamine lotion to reduce itching.
  • Whenever you come back after travelling to your hotel or anywhere don’t forget to take bath before sleeping, if it’s cold have a hot water bath or at least wash your hands, legs and face before sleeping. This will keep you fresh and healthy the other morning.
  • If you are travelling in summers wear lightweight cotton fabric and comfortable shoes for your ease. Always carry a stole or something like that with yourself in case of wind or harsh sun. Try to put on the sunscreen lotion everyday as summers are harsh in North India. If you are travelling in winters, then always carry an extra shawl or a jacket because just like summers winters are also at their extremes in North India.

If you are set with all these things, you will definitely enjoy your trip to India as there is no other country like that in the whole world where you will be welcomed like a special guest and will get to see the things you will never see anywhere else. So, pack up your bags and make up your mind to stay healthy and move to explore India.