How To Monitor Employees Remotely?


Recruitment of employees within a business organization contains the number of stages and at the end of the day; those got selected that are passionate, humble, disciplined and committed in their assigned tasks. But on the other hand, having all the test and trails that make an employer give a job to certain employees do not fulfill the ultimate object to get productivity. It means, the problem does not lie among the talent or skills of the selected employees, but the lack of check and balance on them. Yeah, it sounds weird, but it is true.

 Because, when you don’t keep an eye on your employee’s activities during the working hours, then they may pretend in such a way that they are working convincingly. So, you have to take your employees into account and need to know what they are doing and where they are present at the moment during the task you have assigned to your employees. Most of the employees waste their time on the company’s owned cell phones and gadgets running with Android, IOS and with other operating systems.

How Employees waste time & pretend they are working properly?

The modern world has come up with technology that helping out the business world to work faster, accurate and free from human errors. Now everyone knows that cell phones and gadgets and even computer devices are more likely to use in the business firms. It provides employees a cunning edge to work with utmost care and complete the assigned tasks even before the deadline.

But on the other hand, technology such as cell phones and gadgets also provide employees opportunities to take the workload so longer and use the company’s owned cell phones and gadgets for personal means. Employees can use social media apps during the working hours and can make gossips, chat conversation, audio and video calls and shared media with their fellow colleagues. When employees start using the company’s equipment for personal gains and means then obviously it will decline the productivity of the company and ultimately business goes to the ground.

 Why monitor employees within the working hours?

There is no doubt contemporary technology in the shape of cell phones, tablets, pads and computer devices such as windows and MACs has taken the business to the next level and provide hell of storage and accounts. But on the other hands technology also has brought too many risks of the company’s owned devices stored data due to the incompetence or negligence of the employees or willing involvement of employees into something fishy. They can steal the company’s stored private data; make a click on malicious link, trapped by online scams via emails and plenty of other cyber –attacks. Therefore, employers have to use such tools to monitor company’s owned devices and employees within the working hours using cell phone & computer monitoring apps.

Monitor Employees with cell phone & Computer surveillance app

Normally, in companies employees use cell phones of android, IOS, and gadgets such as tablets and Pads. However, computer machines such as MAC windows are very common these days. All these devices and gadgets are mostly company’s owned. So, you can monitor all the devices owned by the company provided to the employees with the help of spy app for phones and computers. It will enable bosses to make a check on the employee’s devices and gadgets and get to know what they are doing at the moment and at what places they are visiting within the devices to prevent any fishy activity from the dishonest employees.

Android monitoring app enable user to view all the activities happen on the company’s owned cell phones such as calls, text messages, shared media via social media apps, Voice messages and to whom employees are having conversation using social media apps. Employers can monitor social media activities with android surveillance software and can view IM’s logs such as chat conversations; audio and video conversations shared work files and even can control their android devices such as text messages, incoming calls and block internet when needed within the working hours. However, they can use windows monitoring app and block all the websites they are time wasting, fixed alarms on inappropriate activities such as getting access to the unauthorized folders and can create backups in case to retrieve accidently or willingly data on company’s owned machines. User can use MAC spy app to block websites, can use screen recording tool to view employees activities on the computer machines screen, monitor email sent or received and even listen and record to the surrounds using MIC bug tool of the MAC surveillance app. You can use camera bug to know who is up to on the target MAC devices and last but not the least use keylogger to know what keystrokes have been applied on the target device such as password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes  and email keystrokes.


Cell phone and PC monitoring app is the ultimate, powerful and reliable tool to discover employees hidden activities within the working hours for the protection of the business and to make a proper check on the employees.