How To Make Your Real Estate Photos Stand Out

Every real estate agent knows how important taking quality photos are. This is because the photos can help them land a new client and even bring in more properties to market. Despite this, there are still a number of real estate agents who do not take the time to capture stunning photos of the property they are trying to sell. If you are a real estate agent who’s trying to improve your photos, here are a few tricks that will help you out:

  • Invest in a Tripod. This is a pretty handy tool that can help you stabilize your photos. At the same time, a tripod will allow you to shoot slower exposures in existing light, which turn out to be too dark without a tripod.
  • Get a Real Camera. Although there are now a number of smartphones with high resolution cameras, there’s still no comparing with an actual camera. While a smartphone may be convenient to carry around, it does not have enough features to capture real estate properly. For one thing, it does not have wide enough lenses that can capture a room. And when you are capturing a photo of a small room, this will be a complete struggle.
  • Pick the Right Camera. This does not necessarily mean you should purchase an expensive DSLR. You can still go for a compact digital camera to help you capture photos properly yet give you the convenience you need. The important thing is that the camera you purchase should be able to zoom out to a wide focal length of between 24 and 28mm. There are a number of affordable and dependable cameras that you can get with this feature.
  • Don’t Use Flash. Whenever possible, make sure to use existing light. This is because flash usually reflects off of the surfaces that you are taking a photo of. And when you look at the picture, it will not light up deep spaces really well.
  • The Sun is Your Friend. At least as a photographer. You should learn how to make the most of natural light brought about by the sun through an open window. But you still have to be careful about this as it could turn out into something brighter than the real thing.
  • Study Photography. There are a number of courses available where you can learn how to be a better photographer. You can invest in these courses and get to know more skills about photography and how you can do better when you are taking photos of the properties you are trying to sell.

These are just some of the tips you can use to help you improve your photos. Knowing these tips, you can improve your photography skills slowly and be better at showcasing the properties you are trying to sell. It’s also important that you know which areas of the property you should be taking a photo of. Here are a few tips to remember:

The Living Room

Unless you never realized it, the living room is the most important photo you need to post on your real estate listing. This is because this is the part of the property where people spend most of their time. Because of this, they want to make sure it is attractive, functional and looks the way they want it to.

The Yard

Another area in the property you should remember to take a photo of is the yard. This is because this is the part of the home that your potential clients will be looking at first. They want to make sure the yard looks good and is fitting for their requirements before they start looking at the other parts of the property.

The Bedrooms

You should also remember to take photos of the bedrooms that are part of the property you are trying to sell. Make sure to take good pictures of the bedrooms so that your customers will be enticed to think they would like to wake up in the room.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen is also one place in the home you should take a picture of. This way, the potential homeowner will be able to envision how the kitchen looks like and whether or not it will be enough for their family.

When you take photos of the property, you have to remember to tell your potential customers a story of how the home looks like. You have to let them imagine what it’s like to be living in that property and how they will be able to turn the place into a comfortable home. In doing so, you’ll be able to capture the right people to invest in what you are trying to sell.

Written by the experts at Columbia Real Estate, the most knowledgeable agents for real estate in Columbia, MO.