How To Find Best Professionals At The Cheapest Rates?

Asking neighbors, calling directory services, or looking for the stuff on internet – is your search confined to these three ways to find professionals? Well then you have landed at the right place, because life is beyond it, and there is something that has spur in with the innovation and internet.

Say, you want to find a photographer, you would generally look up for listings of professionals, call them up one by one, waiting for them to call you, some would respond and some may not. Moreover they would sometime quote high rates, and a typical call may range from 5-10 minutes. By the time you merely end the enquiry process, you are frustrated lot, thinking that you would never want to do it again, and you are not alone, because many undergo the same process – of frustration, and of being overwhelmed when dealing with a daunting task of finding the right professional.

While looking up for internet gives you wide choices, there is an app that can certainly prove very handy. The app has even attracted media coverage from reputed media houses like Forbes. It is called UrbanClap, an app available on apple and android platforms for free download.

Urbanclap business model is pretty straightforward, they make users put up listings and providers bid for them at the lowest rates, thereby allowing the users get most out of the deal, which in turns creates win-win situation for both the ends. The app is ad-free, and sticks to neutrality, with great weightage on customer service. The app not only looks polished, but also has an award winning algorithm, that gets user the most relevant results, after all technology is at the core of any good thing in the modern world.

The app lays great stress on background verifications, and desists from favoring, or giving advantage to any provider.

Recently, UrbanClap was in news for raising funds, and it was widely covered in Indian and international press. The app gets discounts, as well as occasional deals, but what strikes the most is integration of paytm wallet, as many other companies use their own wallets, therefore making it difficult for their users to club it all with one wallet.

There are two key things where it real has a head start – number of services covered, and a fee free environment. Both contribute well to establish the app to the top.

Coming to the discounts, recently they ran discounts for as much as 300 bucks for a simple salon at home, and they occasionally come up with deep discounts, that you may check on their app. The app doesn’t take a lot of space, and is sure to work with limited resources, no matter whether you have lower end smart phones or the best in offing.
UrbanClap is currently confined to three major cities in India – Bangalore, Mumbai, and NCR (That includes Delhi as well as adjoining areas in the National Capital region), with plans to expand in 15 tier A, and tier B cities in India.

You can visit UrbanClap blog to learn more about how it helps in getting you a quality professional or go to UrbanClap contact us with any questions or service requests in addition to your listings.

If you already have the app, than congratulations, for you have the best tool to get professionals, that works with great ability to accomplish your goal to get a quality professional. It has got user reviews and ratings, that helps subsequent users gauge the competence of the professionals, and usually their work is showcased so that you can explore it and see if their work strikes a chord, after all we seek professionals for the services that warrant sheer precision and competence.