How Does Drug Consumption Affect Addict’s Life in Various Ways?

Drug addiction can adversely affect one’s life. Not only drug addiction affects the addict’s health but also his/her social, financial, personal, professional and other life aspects. This guide will brief you how drug addiction impacts life of an addict in various ways.


Using drugs can seriously affect a person’s health. When a person takes a drug for the very first time, the effects are not that visible. However, over time body becomes resistant to drug and a larger dose is needed to achieve the same result. Taking too much drugs can have lethal effects. Moreover, it is dangerous for heart and other body organs. Different types of drugs can have different effects on a person’s body.

Overdose of a drug results due to tolerance built by body over time. Tolerance is referred to as the effect of resistance built by body against a particular drug over time. To beat the resistance built by the body, drug addict consumes a larger amount of drug.


Drug addicts get separated from their friends. This is because drug addicts do things that normal people avoid, like asking their friends to lie for him/ her, requesting money from their friends to fulfill their addiction.

People in general don’t like to be friends with a drug addict. This is because, people fear that they may get in trouble or they might themselves start taking drugs. Additionally, there are chances of indulging in undesirable fights as the drug addict might get annoyed or upset seeing that his/her friends aren’t helping him/her.

It has been found out that a drug addict mostly likes the company of other drug addicts. This type of comfort zone leads to increase in consumption of drug by all. A friendship that results in degradation of quality of life is not true friendship. Moreover, friends like those will not help each other in reducing substance consumption.

A drug addict should befriend the people who can help him/her in reducing and finally stopping the use of drug.


Drugs are costly. This is because they are difficult to produce and their consumption is also banned in most of the countries. Due to the effect of tolerance, drug addicts need larger and larger doses over time. A larger dose requires more money. However, the biological and social effects make it difficult for an addict to have money. Addicts lose their friends, jobs and families which leave them without a support network.

In order to obtain the money required to fulfill their needs, most addicts turn to prostitution, theft or burglary etc. Addicts often lose their homes, due to shortage of money. Moreover, they find it hard to hold on a job as employers, nowadays, keep a background verification of their employees. Hence, if you see someone who is addicted to drug consumption, you can get him/her admitted to a drug rehab in Washington.


Each one of the above factors is significant, but they can be very dangerous when combined. A drug addict needs proper treatment to stop using drugs, but it costs a lot of money. Being without job, friends and a family to support, most drug addicts cannot afford treatment.

To conclude, drug addiction is dangerous for the addict and society as a whole. We all should take combine efforts to stop drug abuse.