How Can You Pass The MOT?

A wide range of vehicles over 3 years of age are needed (by UK law) to have yearly security weigh or MOT in the interests of road safety and environmental standards. It is the obligation of the vehicle’s owners to reestablish MOT certificate or without it, they will not be able to drive their vehicle legitimately, or recharge their street fund permit. Without a customary security check you could be driving around in an auto that is a danger to you and different drivers. On the off chance that you had an accident, your insurance policy or the auto could be void.

Agenda of the things that should be analyzed:

  1. Registration plate,
  2. Lights
  3. Wipers and windshield,
  4. Horn,
  5. Seat belts and seats,
  6. Doors and mirrors,
  7. Wheels and tires,
  8. Brakes,
  9. Fuel framework.

On the off chance that they find an issue with any of these things, your auto will fail its MOT, and you won’t get your certificate until the issues are altered. Driving without a MOT certificate is illegal.

Anyhow, with a little preparation, you can enhance your possibilities of drifting through the test without acquiring an enormous repair bill. You don’t need to be a mechanical virtuoso, yet you do need to be willing to take in somewhat about how your car engine functions.


All of your lights (stopping and switching lights, and pointers) need to be the right shading and in great working request for your auto to pass through the MOT test. Clean them, and after that get somebody to attempt them while you walk around the car. On the off chance that they flash when tapped lightly with your hand,they likely need fixing into position or supplanting completely.


Car tires must be the right sort and size. On the off chance that you have fitted a space-saver extra tire onto one of your wheels, replace it with a standard tire before the test.Check that all tires have a tread depth of at least 1.7mm right the way around and across the central three-quarters of the pattern.

Wipers and Windshield

The wipers and washers ought to function well enough to permit you an unmistakable perspective of the street. It’s important to verify your windscreen is in great condition before the MOT test, especially the zone that is cleared by the wipers.

At the point when a vehicle fails the MOT test can be re-tried inside the end of 10 working days to pick up a pass. There may be charge payable. On the off chance that the vehicle stays at the test station for repair after failure then it can have a free incomplete re-test inside 10 working days after the first test has been completed. On the off chance that it is expelled from the premises for repair and afterward returned before the end of 10 working days it can have a retest a half of the first charge paid. In the event that the failed vehicle is taken away yet then taken back to the same test station and retested before the end of the following working day, no fee is charged.