High Index 1.74 Aspheric Lenses and What Your Nightmares May Reveal About Your Psyche

Are you suffering from severe nightmares that don’t seem to let you sleep in peace? It could be that you haven’t succeeded in setting your sleep environment for a calm, meditative sleep. In this case, Payne Glasses’ high index 1.74 aspheric lenses are your best friend since those bothersome rays that are emitted from your phone screen may be giving you a hard time. Payne Glasses’ state-of-the-art feature consists of blue light stoppers that allow you to ward off those blue rays and get the restful beauty sleep that you deserve.

If this is not the case, your ongoing nightmares may be a reflection of your dissatisfaction with the life you have build for yourself. Perhaps you are beginning to question the life decisions you’ve made, such as the program you studied or the friends that make up your inner social group. Researchers for Time Magazine found that a correlation exists between people who have unmet psychological needs, such as repeated frustrations in their daily life, with their fearful or sad dreams. The psyche is telling you something here. It’s reflecting back to you that you’re going through a challenging time and trying to work your way around it through your dreams. The three-day study showcased that people experienced greater frustrations throughout the day were likely to report nightmares during the night. This finding lends way to an even larger picture that requires further attention. Mental health may not only affect people during the daytime, but even during their restful moments. One must never ignore feelings of loneliness, frustration or incompetence in themselves or their friends.

The best vein of advice is to find or form environments for yourself in which you feel valued. Connecting with others who seem to care deeply about you can make the world of a difference for your mental state of mind. Start volunteering at an animal shelter, join a real estate club or throw yourself into some art at your nearby art studio and you’ll surely find yourself too busy to even iterate the word lonely anymore. Pair your newfound after-work activities with a strict sleep schedule that allows you to get at least eight hours of rest every night. You’ll find that one of the best investments you make are the high index 1.74 aspheric lenses if you are an eyeglass wearer, especially thanks to their option for blue light stoppers.