Hawkeye Firefly 7S – Sports Camera

The most popular Sports Video Camera amongst drone pilots plus RC already has inheritor. FireFly 7s, moreover sometimes named Hawkeye, adjusts its features toward deliver extreme performance.

In terms of hardware, the Hawkeye Firefly 7s derives equipped with the Novatek 96660 chipset that permits you toward record at 2.5K 30 fps , 1080p at 60 fps plus 720p at 120 fps as the maximum exceptional resolutions. Associated the chipset is its sensor Sony IMX078 of 12 mega pixels, which offers high image quality and an authentic representation of the colors.

In adding the Gyro image stabilizer does a decent job, in spite of losing some acuity and detail in the image, somewhat common in this kind of digital stabilization

Camera with the Finest Technology

The sensor selected for the novel Firefly 7s Sports Camera model is the Sony IMX078 CMOS attaining 12 Mega pixel at 42 frames per second providing high excellence images, sensitivity plus high resolution video. The processor that includes Firefly 7s is the Novatek 96660 capable of dealing the recording of high excellence video optimally gaining therefore up to 30 fps in resolutions 2.5K, 60 fps in 1080p as well as 120fps in 720p resolution. Without a hesitation the perfect blend of high superiority sensor and influential processor.

Double Screen

One of the excessive features of the Firefly 7s is that it includes 2 screens. A 2-inch rear LCD that permits you to promptly watch what you are recording (you could also play it on your Smartphone otherwise Tablet with its Wi-Fi function) plus an OLED front that would show useful information rapidly and quickly.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Add additional features to Your Firefly 7s with the usage of the Mobile App “Firefly”. You can view and convey your videos in a simple means because of the Wi-Fi connectivity.

Various Recording Modes

If you want toward experiment with the footages, you’re in luck. The FireFly 6s Sporting Camera joins many footage modes and diverse manual settings toward make the perfect video. Among them you would find the popular Time-Lapse toward record videos in slow motion. 

Its 120 degree lens does not mislead the perspective as much as it occurs in other devices, since the usual thing in sports action cameras is that they take extensive angle lenses of among 150 and 170 degrees; joined with the sharpness of his imageries makes it a highly commended camera to capture videos as well as aerial photos from drones .

Externally, its 2-inch screen permits fast and suitable operation of the device over the physical buttons and the front monochrome display. Though we are facing a mid-range camera, it is missing that the display is tactile.

Overall, this is a fairly inexpensive midrange camera by good hardware, which offers an extraordinary image quality joint with great sharpness.

Firefly has corrected the lack of the screen of its preceding model 6S in interchange for losing autonomy however it has been winning since the majority of the users favor to have a sporty camera by screen and can compensate purchasing an extra battery.