Georgie Real Estate Licensing Exam

Living in Georgia provides a lifestyle that many people search for. The southern state makes a great home for young families as well as for families in every other stage of life. With the plethora of activities and sites to see, it is a great place to call home.

Because Georgia is such a great place to call home, many people are interested in relocating to Georgia as well as the local residents wanting to purchase the beautiful historic homes. For a real estate agent there is nothing better than the town you have chosen to make your career around booming with new and old residents interested in purchasing homes.

If you have not already become a licensed real estate agent you may be interested in becoming licensed so you can take advantage of the opportunities that are provided in Georgia. It is a bit of a process to receive your license but there are many tools available to help guide you along the process.

Real Estate Prep Guide

Real Estate Prep Guide is a tool that many prospective real estate agents utilize to help them prepare to receive their real estate licenses. The website provides a lot of great information for prospective agents in Georgia. They have a section on their Georgia page that breaks down the requirements to become an agent in the state as well as link to more expanded explanations of what you will need to do to become licensed. Here is a quick breakdown of what will be required of you:

  • 18  years old
  • High school graduate or GED
  • Provide a crime report
  • Complete 75 hour pre-licensing course
  • 10 hours of real estate classes through a university or college

After you have started the process and paperwork that is required to become a real estate agent you will need to start the coursework as well as studying to pass the real estate licensing exam after you have completed all of the requirements.

The website offers many help tools that can guide you through the process and help check your knowledge as you go. The website has vocabulary help as well as practice exams that you can take to prepare yourself to pass the exam with. While there are some paid features on the site (we would encourage you to purchase some of these resources as you get closed to taking the exam) there are also many free features that you can use while you are still in the early phases of the process.