Forklift Training: What One Should Know

In our article, we will go through forklift operator training and its effects on our workplace. It has been seen that many employers overlook driver training. Operator training is a must since it is about the safety of employees. A forklift is very useful and powerful tool. However; if handed over to untrained people can lead to major accidents instead of benefits.

Risks Involved:

If an inexperienced or untrained staff operates the heavy forklift machines, it opens up a gate for many risks like:

–          Convictions and various fines

–          Cost for compensation

–          Damage in terms of equipment, materials, loads and other facilities

–          Injuries to other co-operators or pedestrians

–          Death i.e. loss of individual life

–          If a forklift tips, jumping and falling from forklift it is a major risk since they might come under forklift and get crushed.

If organization allows a non licensed individual to operate these forklifts machines, this can be very dangerous. These forklift machines carry heavy weights, if handled by an untrained operator incorrectly it can be a major problem for both operator and pedestrians. Also, a licensed driver needs refresher courses to get themselves updated regularly regarding the various new tools and techniques introduced in motor market.

Legal Duties of a Driver:

It is the duty of organization to protect an operator from all risks in this job workplace. However; as a forklift operator one should follow some duties for his own safety and others who might be related to their job. These duties include:

–          Religiously follow the workplace procedures and policies

–          Whenever any trainings are conducted, operators must attend them

–          Give their full support in indentifying various hazards and risks

Driver Training

In order to operate a forklift, license is a must for a forklift operator. This license is not an ordinary thing; it is an acknowledgement for the knowledge and skills given by a teacher to ensure safety of a forklift people. A driving training course in held from three perspectives:

  1. Efficiency: Driver training makes the drive efficient and enables them to handle the heavy vehicle in time and energy conscious manner.
  2. Safety: The operator gets a training for using the equipment in a safe manner and get aware of all the hazards that may arise and how to take actions so that accidents or injuries can be prevented
  3. Productivity: Training helps to get familiar with the operating equipment; this familiarization helps the operator to complete his task fast and productively. 

This driver training also trains an individual on how to maintain the equipment in a correct manner.  They are trained on dealing with little things like safety check, refilling battery fluids, or no mistreating to forklifts. These things when taken care of help in reducing the cost of repairing and maintenance of the equipment.

Some Related FAQ’s 

1. Are there are pre requisites for getting a forklift license?

–          Minimum age requirement is of 18 years

–          Basic understanding of English (both non verbal and verbal)

–          During the test there are some point needed for identification

2. What are different types of licenses involved?

There are basically two types of licenses: LO and LF

LO: This type of license allows picking only picker/stock picker forklift.

LF: This type of license allows operating any kind of forklifts.

3. How much salary an individual can earn as a forklift operator?

The forklift drivers have a very bright future. These days’ organizations pay a good amount of salary along with other benefits like overtime, bonuses or profit sharing.

4. What is the duration of this driver training course?

The duration is completely dependent on your needs or depend upon the forklifts equipments or they can be just refresher courses. Normally the training courses are:

  • One day forklift course
  • Two day forklift course
  • Three day forklift course