Technology keeps surprising us by the day. What technological experts and scientists expect to occur in less than five years is mind blowing . They say that we can have computers that are controlled with mental commands, chat with the three-dimensional holograms of friends ,charge phones using energy gathered from the ambience and much more. In the same way , technology has much more to offer to education.

Unlike the times when quality education from the most prestigious universities in the world was accessible only to a handful of people , now we have online courses available from all these universities like MIT , Stanford , etc which can be taken up by any student across the globe. This has become possible only through electronic educational technology , also called e-learning. It is an unarguable fact that a student , of today, cannot consider his learning to be complete unless he uses the internet to gather information.

Let’s have a look at how e-learning can benefit you :

  • Universal Platform

Education is no longer bound to a single classroom. The ocean of information available on the internet is at your fingertips . Anything under the sun can be learnt from the internet.

  • Self-paced learning

The learning pace of each student varies from the other. Due to fear of embarrassment , most students don’t confess to the fact that they haven’t understood a certain portion taught by their teacher, if they haven’t. In classrooms, even the smart students who come up with doubts in their mind shy away from asking questions to his teacher in public, fearing embarrassment. e-learning is the perfect solution to this problem. You are in contact only with your teacher and you have the platform to ask the teacher any doubt at any time you want.

  • Better student-teacher relationship

With constant personal contact with your teacher , you develop a deeper bond with him , and this will eventually help you to improve yourself as a student.

  • Efficient Assessment

The assessment of the tests you give online, gets assessed by the teachers efficiently and will enable to you to get a better insight into the areas you need to improve upon.

  • Multimedia

Use of multimedia has created a buzz in the education industry. Use of videos, animations and images has led to better understanding of concepts and ideas , and better retention of those ideas in the minds of students.

  • M-Learning

Mobile learning is also seeing a growing trend among students. In today’s scenario where every students owns a smart phone or tablet , mobile applications like Microsoft One Note ,Wolfram Alpha etc are finding more popularity by the day.

  • Specially abled children

To address the learning needs of specially abled children , many applications and platforms have been developed online so that they don’t remain behind the other students.

“On average, students in online learning conditions performed modestly better than those receiving face-to-face instruction” SRI International for the Department of Education

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