Don’t Sentence Yourself Before The Court Date

Your mug shot has been taken, and your fingers have been printed. You’ve spent five days in jail smelling the body odour of the strange woman who shared a cell with you. After long hours of dark, intensive questioning, you’ve been released with court orders. You’re being charged. No one expects this moment to happen, but when it does, it can be frightening.

Of course, your first thought is to hire a lawyer. You need someone who is an expert in their field whom you can trust. They’re going to be standing up for you, the only person between the judge ordering the verdict and your freedom, future and fate. However, you’ve heard so many things about lawyers. They have a bad reputation that sticks. You’re surrounded by media showing them as heartless, cold and selfish people who only care about money. This is further conflated by all of the injustice in the media lately, showing the corruption of people who are meant to protect the masses. After all, men and women who are innocent end up wrongly or unfairly charged all the time. It’s one thing to consider these stereotypes when they’re not affecting you, but they’re incredibly unnerving when you have to depend on one of these people to save your future and your life.

Find Someone Who Believes in You

Thankfully, stereotypes only generalize and aren’t representative of the whole. Fortunately, there are actually lawyers you can trust, like those at GT Stewart solicitors. They represent clients who fight against the injustice in the system – unfair parole boards or corrupt, unjust laws, for example. Instead of following the herd, these lawyers stand up for what matters. That’s why you can depend on them to believe in you and to stand up for your rights.

What’s more is that these lawyers care about you, and you can tell by the careful way they build their team. A firm filled with young, energetic lawyers means that it’s a firm that isn’t filled with corrupt, stubborn minds. Have you ever heard the phrase, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” A firm that fills its team with “new dogs” means that it has fresh ideas that come from outside the box. Younger generations are paving the way for change, working to unveil and topple the unfairness of the system. Hiring one of these lawyers means that you’ll get to be a part of that. It also means that you’re guaranteed a fair trial and a strong defence.

Part of what will increase your chance of winning your case is the fact that they work as part of a team. Even though you’ll only have one lawyer standing up for you in court, they have a full pool of experts from different fields to receive fresh ideas from. This means that there are many opinions and a lot of advice available to your lawyer. If there’s any chance that something could go wrong or that the Crown might have an argument your lawyer isn’t expecting, there is someone on your side who does expect these things.

Find Someone You Trust

This is because you picked a law firm that’s award-winning and experienced. Knowledge, experience, and passion are the cornerstones of legal victories. Experience and knowledge come from proven records of successful defences. When you pick the person who is going to defend you, you’re picking the person who knows how to do it right. What’s more is that because they’re passionate about helping you, they have the integrity and honesty you need. Don’t spend sleepless nights tossing and turning, doubting the person in charge of your fate. Pick a law firm or a lawyer you know that you can trust beyond a doubt.

Find Someone Who Believes in What’s Right

One of the main stereotypes that really stays with lawyers, however, is their love of money. Most people complain about being charged by the hour, only to have their time wasted. Others complain about the sky-high prices they paid, only to lose their case. The best lawyers know they’re the best, and that’s what makes it so difficult for the average person to be their client. After years of doing their job, they don’t truly understand the person sitting in an uncomfortable chair in front of them. All they really understand is the bill at the end of the day.

However, these stereotypes really aren’t true for most lawyers. Many work pro-bono, or for free, perhaps because their client’s case is the next crucial step in their career, or something they’re really passionate about. Others will provide you their services as long as you have legal aid. You could actually afford to hire one of the best lawyers in London for free with the help of legal aid. This is a great benefit because even if you end up winning your case, you could spend years upon years paying off thousands of pounds of debt. Instead, you have one less worry. You can focus your time and energy on what really matters. Spend the time leading up to your case with your loved ones, holding them in your arms. Think about any possible details you could give your lawyer to help them win your case.

In the end, though, you’re truly the one who controls your freedom and fate. If you don’t think critically or do your research and hire a lawyer who’s on your side, you’re dooming yourself before the court date. Choosing the best possible legal aid, and for free as well, can only benefit you. Pick someone who cares about your justice and getting you a fair trial and a strong defence. You deserve it – no one ends up in your position intentionally. Make the smart, determined choice, and be confident in your chances. You wouldn’t trust someone who’s inexperienced or selfish to colour your hair, so why would you hire them to safeguard your freedom?