Digital Cameras Still Outdo The Smartphone Cameras In Quality and Detailing!

Professional photography was a fad once upon a time. People would save all the money to get the best brand of camera from abroad! But today, things are much changed. Now we have camera with almost everyone on the smartphone, and the purpose of photography has also changed- sometimes it is investigative, at other times it is for documentation, or simply fun! But yet, the basics of taking a photo has hardly changed- it is all about clear picture, right exposure, great composure- all of those details required for a good photograph.

What a Smartphone Camera does not Offer

In a smartphone, the pixel capacity is generally pretty low for the camera. The rear or main camera comes with a pixel capacity that at best matches the lowest quality of compact digital camera. Such a low quality makes the photos just good enough, but they lack in the detailing.

If one compares the price, one can easily see that the smartphone with its best capacity of rear camera is priced more than a digital camera that is far way ahead in its pixel capacity. Thus, one ends up paying more for less. While the smartphone may be offering certain other features, it can at least not provide the best or even the average quality of still photo.

And if one considers the front camera quality, smartphones are in the age of dinosaurs for sure!

Specifications of a Digital Camera

A good compact digital camera like that of Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ70 comes with certain technical specifications that exactly match those looking forward to have photos with detailing and creativity. Among its many good features are:-

  • Small size to fit into the pocket easily.
  • Option of raw format recording.
  • Live view finder with eye sensor to detect an object or identify a person from extreme long shot.
  • Optical zoom up to 30X- that’s really rare and amazing!
  • Full manual control of aperture, ISO and shutter speed.
  • Video recording possible at high speed- up to 100 fps PAL area.
  • Exclusive time lapse shots possible, capturing the changing nature from dawn to dark.
  • Clearest night spot.

Value Added Features

Add to these exclusive features the huge memory that is in built to store an enormous quantity of photos and videos recorded. It is also extremely durable in the sense that the photos and videos can be kept stored for a very long time without any damage or loss.