Different Ways to Don the Shirt Dress

Like the feel and fit of a shirt but do not want to pair it with jeans or any kind of trousers. Well, you can get the best of both worlds by saying hello to the shirt dress. It is the most comfortable, versatile and easy to wear outfit whether you are heading for a day out with your friends and family or heading for travel. Here are a few sure-shot ways you can these pieces of ensemble and take your style game to an all new level.

For a romantic date

Are you spending quality time with your special someone and want to look your best? T-shirts dress for women or a sleeveless shirt and wrap dress combination is your best bet to ensure you are the center of attention always. For the summer months, you should go in for coral colors. You can pair this dress with minimalistic jewelry and sandals or wedges and you are good to go.

When going to the beach

Shirt, as well as t-shirt dresses online, is casual enough to use as a cover-up or beach dress. You can opt for a split-neck, tie-waist dress and team it with strappy sandals as well as a hat for protection from sun exposure. This also works to put on an added layer of style. Put on a sling bag or carry a tote bag and comes with all of the necessary essentials and you are all set for a tropical getaway.

For a badass look

Yes, you can look badass in a shirt dress too. It all depends on how you style your outfit. To achieve this look, you can take a classic style shirtdress that preferably comes with a button down front, a collar and a pocket. While you are at it, make certain the dress comes at a length that is above the knee but not too short. Roll up the sleeves, put on a denim or leather jacket whichever works for you and strap on your favorite pair of boots.

For the classically timeless appeal

Opt for a sleeveless, collarless shirt dress that ends just above the knees. Pair this look with neutral colored pumps and dainty, dangling earrings and you are sure to ace this look. Tie your hair up in a bun or ponytail and keeps accessories to a minimum to complete the look.

For an out and out casual appearance

While nothing screams casual more than t-shirts for women, a shirt dress adds a certain level of charm to the entire look. Go for printed, patterned shirt dresses, whichever suits your fancy and don’t forget to put on a color-coordinated belt at the waist to add definition and form to your look. Leave your hair loose and strut around with confidence, nothing looks more appealing than this.

For a boxy appearance

To ensure you do not make a fashion faux pas with this look, see that you pick loose fitting, boxy cut shirt dresses. You can think up creative ideas when it comes to belt placement or go beltless for a fresh and effortless look too. If you want to wear a belt, don your belt lower on the hips or loose with the help of draping fabric. This works to transform your outfit in a desirable way. Team this with chunky earrings and gladiator sandals preferably in animal print and you are sure to turn heads for all the right reasons.

So you see, donning the shirtdress is not at all difficult. Make sure you try these styles out to stay above fashion charts with this trend that is all the rage today.