Create Synergy

Combined Effect:

            When it comes to administering medications or suggesting dosages of supplements, the physicians are always trying to find a cure with minimum dosage which will produce the maximum results. This is true of medications which work on their own. But when it comes to the combination of medications or supplements, the dosage has to be optimized and has to be paired well so as to achieve not just a better result but a synergistic result. When you want synergy, the combination has to be standardized to complement the effects of each other. It achieves profound results than when the two molecules act on their own.

For Better Results:

            The one most wanted result out of the combination is to achieve synergy or better result. Here we are talking about stacking l-Theanine with Caffeine which has to be paired in optimum level of each other. When you drink caffeine rich beverages like coffee or coke, the energy level achieved is quite high, resulting in hyperactivity, and then a sudden decline in the level of energy. But when you take tea especially green tea, the person feel more focused, alert, the muscles are relaxed and the person keeps this level for a longer period of time without feeling the jitters that coffee gives or caffeine alone gives. But when l- theanine is combined with caffeine, the result is quite astounding. The low points of caffeine consumed on its own are balanced when it is combined with l- theanine.

Side Effects:

            There are side effects even to most wanted supplements as was indicated about caffeine but as far as l- theanine is concerned, there are no such side effects but when in combination what occurs is a better result than when it works alone.

The Benefits:

There is a high demand for brain supplements which are also called as nootropic medications which provide the nutrition for the brain which cannot be obtained on its own through food. Such is the effect of these treatments that the person feels more alive, active, the cognitive ability or the brain functioning improves, the person sleeps well, the mood is elevated, a happy feeling sets in, the person is able to work with focus and concentration, he sleeps well, the muscles of the body are relaxed and lowering of pain in the whole body can be observed. The stress level is reduced and thereby anxiety and depression are handled in a very wise manner rather than using the chemicals or tablets.

The supplements produce more quantity of GABA which is responsible for the arrest of stress messages from passing on to the central nervous system. When this is curtailed, the mind is at calm and composure. The person does not react to situations in a racy manner.

The Ratio:

            It is always best to set the ratio straight before taking the supplements. If the person has a habit of drinking coffee which normally contains more than two hundred milligrams of caffeine, he should reduce the caffeine intake before taking the combination. The optimum ratio is four hundred milligrams of L-theanine to hundred milligrams of caffeine. When the ratio falters, then jitters do happen and the person might feel hyperactive for some time and then fall back into depression again.

            While leaving the combination, it has to be reduced gradually or what they call it in a tapered manner. During these times of stress and the era of depression, especially of the mind, any supplement is welcomed whole heartedly but the low point always is the cost. But when stacking l-Theanine with Caffeine, then the cost of it should be put on the back and go ahead with improving our mental health.