Content Writers In Pune

Where would you hire a content writer in Pune to write your blog posts, SEO articles or web content so that you need not worry about the Google search rankings?

Contentmart is the place to look up to and has all the answers for your content related necessities. Contentmart has thousands of highly experienced and talented content writers and Indian freelance writers who are experts in the many different fields and can meet any content requirement within any TOT.

Contentmart makes it easiest way to find the right copy writer in Pune for all your content needs. But how can you hire the services of the content writers in Pune from Contentmart?

Contentmart was launched in 2015. It is an Indian content market place exclusively dealing with content related projects. This unique content platform, within a short span of time, has become a favourite among the many content writers in Pune.

How does Contentmart Work?

There are thousands of clients all over India who are looking for content writers who can take care of the many content related jobs. Also there are many content providers who are looking for online jobs.

Anyone with a valid email can open an account on Contentmart. There are two categories through which you can register, 1) as a client or 2) as a writer.

A client can start looking for content writers in Pune, once he/she has opened an account. A client can post projects on the platform and choose from the thousand bids received whom he wants to work with. Do not forget to give the details of the project, number of words required, price per word, deadline etc.

A writer has to pass a basic English test to qualify to become a writer on Contentmart. To become a verified writer he has to submit an online assignment in 2 days on a subject provided by the expert at Contentmart. A content writer in Pune can then bid on any order available in the ‘All order’ page. The writer can suggest changes in the bidding amount, deadline also.

Once an order is bid upon and accepted, it has to be delivered before the deadline. The order will expire otherwise. The result should be pasted in the relevant result box so that it can undergo plagiarism test.

If the content is submitted successfully, the writer is guaranteed a payment. If the writer has delivered unsatisfactory content the client can ask for a revision and the writer can give a revised content. If the content is accepted, the payment is transferred to the writer’s wallet. If the client does not accept the content within a specified time, then the payment will be automatically transferred to the writer.

If you are looking for the best Indian content writer in Pune, you can find them at Contentmart.