Body Reshape and Methods To Loose Weight

A gastric balloon weight loss method is attaining renounce among the obese population who are trying hard for losing weight through a lot of unsuccessful therapy, pills and have ended up being disappointed. But in spite of its growing popularity, many people are unaware of this blessing bestowed by technology even today. A minimum of three days is taken for a person whose undergoes this procedure for recovering from the process of inserting the gastric balloon inside. The recovery depends on the acceptance level of your body. If your body accepts the balloon easily, you will recover at a fast pace. The first few days after insertion of the gastric balloon may be really uncomfortable, but a patient eventually gets used to it. But just after the gastric balloon in inserted into a patient, he may feel nauseated. For preserving this, the doctor prescribes a few medicines for avoiding the side effects of this method.When the six months tenure completes, the gastric balloon us punctured and after it deflates, it is pulled out through the esophagus, in the same way, it was inserted in the first place.

What is Gastric Balloon Method of Losing Weight?

A Gastric balloon is also known as an intragastric balloon or tummy balloon. It is a soft balloon which is inserted into your stomach. It helps in weight loss. It is inserted into the stomach through the path of your mouth through your food pipe with the help of an endoscope. A ReShape Ready: gastric balloon weight loss isn’t a surgical method. After the balloon is inserted into your stomach, the balloon is filled up till with saline water. This way your stomach is inflated and a small amount of place are left for intake of meals. After the insertion, even after intake of a small amount of food too, you will feel totally full and your weight will be controlled to a great extent.

Know About the Gastric Balloon Method

This method of weight loss also referred to as stomach balloon weight loss method. It is specifically designed for overweight people who are aspiring to lose about twenty to thirty kilos. The minimum BMI needed for a person who wants to experience this method of weight loss is twenty-seven. You should bear in mind that this balloon needs to be strictly replaced after every six months of usage. After filling the balloon with saline, the doctor inserts a methylene blue dye inside the balloon because of which you can easily identify if the balloon gets deflated. If you see a greenish urine color, consult your doctor.