Big Gains With Guest Bathrooms

Do you want to boost the value of your home? Are you looking to make an investment that not only enhances your life on a day to day basis, but powers up your property portfolio too?

If your house has several bedrooms, but not enough bathrooms, then there will be queues at busy times. A shower before taking off on the commute up to London or a late night soak in the bath, all need careful planning when the occupants outnumber the facilities. The simple solution to this problem is installing more bathrooms.

Sound a little drastic? Well, it needn’t be. Those on the Herts/Essex border simply have to call in the plumbers Bishop’s Stortford residents have relied upon for years. For the design and installation of bathrooms of any size, the plumbers Bishop’s Stortford homeowners recommend are ready and waiting to offer their services.

Extra Benefits

Apart from banishing queues to the family bathroom, extra guest bath or shower rooms offer wonderful flexibility. For example, a room with its own private bathroom could be rented out to a lodger or used as a convenient Air BnB stop-over for travellers using nearby Stansted Airport. Alternatively, it could offer warm hospitality to relatives or be reserved for younger family members to use. One thing is certain, the extra capacity another bathroom allows is never under-utilised in a busy house.

Any estate agent will tell you that an extra guest or en-suite bathroom is seen as a bonus by house hunters. The modern approach to bathrooms has evolved and we now see them as places to relax and linger, leisure spaces rather than models of efficiency and practicality.

Design Details

So what are the essential ingredients for a guest bathroom? Well, everything should be organised and thought out so that visitors are made to feel welcome and comfortable. Guest bathrooms are usually smaller than the primary bathroom in the house, so careful choice of sanitary-ware is essential. Select a suspended WC, compact basin and either a small capsule shower or sit-up short bath to fit into the space available. Compact sanitary ranges featuring corner sinks, baths and WCs made especially for tighter spaces, can help ease the pressure on floor area.

Magical Materials

When the dimensions of a bathroom are smaller, you can afford to splurge on luxury materials. Select from natural stone, handmade tiles, marble, granite and exotic hardwoods to add a touch of class. It’s best to stick to shades on the same part of the colour wheel, beiges, grey, creams and cool pastels all create a restrained spa-vibe that looks expensive but isn’t too much of a budget breaker.

Inside Knowledge

The contractors who carry out the work will need to assess the existing plumbing to work out the best place to position a guest bathroom. Sometimes the ideal place to site a bathroom won’t tally with the existing network of exit pipes. There are ways around such problems, but it is best left to expert plumbers who are familiar with all the options.

Equally, ventilation is an important issue to enable the room to stay fresh and dry. Automatic ventilation that is triggered when the room is entered is a popular choice.

Sometimes guest bathrooms are sited in compact spaces such as under the stairs, in a cupboard or alcove or incorporated into an existing room. When creating a new enclosed space within the house, lighting needs addressing. Natural light is always a bonus and wherever possible, try to arrange this. However, if a new bathroom is windowless, fit effective lighting, install plenty of mirrors and decorate in pale, reflective shades to lift light levels and mood.

Home Comforts

A well lit mirror and plenty of counter space and storage will enable guests to relax. Provide a place for lotions and potions and other toiletries to be stored. Shelves and drawers for towels should be planned in to the design. Corner cupboards are a good way of using up redundant wall area in tight spaces. Hooks on doors and wall mounted towel rails maximise towel real-estate and add to ease of use. In addition, allow space for storage of essentials such as loo rolls and cleaning products.

Make guests feel special by including a selection of artisan soaps and toiletry products, scented candles and thick fluffy bathrobes to heighten the sense of being pampered.

A guest bathroom makes a smart investment financially and practically -whether you plan to sell up or stay put, the money you place in an extra bathroom will definitely not be flushed down the drain…