Best Virtual Meeting Software

Communication is essential for success and growth of any business and with advancements in communication technology, how businesses communicate has undergone a drastic change with face to face meetings being replaced by virtual meeting rooms.

Usage of virtual meeting software save businesses time and money involve in conducting meetings or travelling to a place of meeting. Some of the virtual meeting room software used by businesses to communicate are as follows.

  1. ezTalks Cloud Meetings

A popular virtual meeting software, allows up to 100 participants to attend a virtual meeting using its free service and up to 500 participants with its paid premium service, which cost $ 12.99 per month. This virtual meeting software is compatible across all mobile and computer platforms and provides excellent audio and video quality. It also has features such as interactive white board, screen sharing, file sharing, etc.

  1. Zoho Meeting

This virtual meeting software allows only one-on-one virtual meeting rooms in its free version, whereas by selecting premium plans ranging from $12 to $980, user can host from 20 to 100 participants in a single virtual meeting room. It also has additional features such as screen sharing , online presentation tools, scheduling online meetings etc.

  1. Join me

This virtual meeting room software is compatible across all platforms and is easy to use. A host can invite up to 10 participants in a virtual meeting room at a single time. Its free version only allows for video conferencing and solid screen sharing where as at $20 per month, users can use all features of the virtual meeting software such as unlimited audio capabilities.

  1. GoToMeeting

This virtual meeting software allows users to connect to virtual meeting rooms from anywhere in the world. This virtual meeting software start with $99 per month allowing up to 100 participants in a virtual meeting room and $499 per month for 1000 participants. Its additional features allow generation of reports after meetings and also allows recording and play back of virtual meetings.

  1. ClickMeeting

It is an easy to use virtual meeting software whose features include screen sharing and presentations. ClickMeetings various plans start at $ 25 per month allowing 25 participants to $ 165 per month for up to 5000 participants.

  1. Skype

This virtual meeting software allows free virtual meetings between skype users and using its paid version, users can make video conferencing calls with non-skype users as well. Additional features of this software include screen sharing, file sharing, chat features etc.