One of the most astounding occurrences in today’s world is the rapid growth in technology, which is always and rapidly advancing to more sophisticated levels, or rather more fascinating heights. One of the most notable and creative inventions because of this is the “Quadcopters.” Undoubtedly, this is not just an ordinary discovery; these pieces of an art machines have been designed to handle a number of tasks that would have otherwise been impracticable. Talk of security surveillance, aerial photography, recreation among others; they have got you covered. Amazingly, most of the quadcopters in the market today are not only capable of taking accurate photos and videos; they are also capable of transmitting live radio and video feeds as well as automatically uploading photos on social networks. This therefore means that a camera is one of the most imperative features that a quadcopter should never miss. So, which are the best quadcopters with camera out there? More examples of the best drones with camera you can find here.

DJI Phantom 2 (Vision plus)

Undoubtedly, this is one of the finest quadcopters in the market today, fitted with a super quality camera that ensures your aerial “videography” and photography is literally “out of this world.” Like none other, this high-end camera is capable of shooting at both 1080p/30fps and 720p/6pfps, which is remarkably in full HD. Additionally, this camera, ensures that all photos are taken at 14MP that means that the quality of the video or photos is absolutely unbeatable. To ensure that nothing that is captured is lost, the DJI Phantom 2 camera comes with a 4GB capacity camera meaning that you never have to worry about losing any photos, videos or data.

When it comes to camera controls, this type of quadcopter indeed has one of the most excellent. In fact, the camera is entirely capable of tilting at any angle hence allowing you to capture photos at unique positions. In addition, as if this is not enough, the camera comes with a “Vision app” which allows you to easily change the camera settings to the most desirable ones including the ISO, picture quality, white balance and the format of your final picture. Undeniably, this is one of the best quadcopters you can ever find out there especially if you are after superb camera features and easiness to navigate using just a remote control.

Parrot AR. (Drone 2.0)

This type of quad copter definitely deserves to be in this list. To start with, this magnificent machine is uniquely able to fly via a variety of devices including programming for automatic movements, remote control, phone device etc. When it comes to camera features, it doesn’t disappoint either. With capability to capture HD videos, its built in camera is able to shoot at 720p/30fps as well as capture JPEG photos at their finest. As well, you can stream live videos directly to your device, upload photos directly on the internet and/or store data easily in most of the external hard drives including a USB memory device. Although the camera may not be as flexible as vision + when it comes tilting and angle adjustments, capturing photos or videos at various dimensions or positions does not cause any problems at all. In fact, you will be amused by how accurate this device can take photos even at higher distances above the ground.

Parrot Bebop Quadcopter (Drone)

Essentially, no words can best describe this type of drone. Not only is it capable of flying indoors, it features a variety of safety measures which makes it exceptionally brilliant.

These include automatic to stop propellers in case of a crash, an emergency mode that immediately and automatically lands the drone when all is not well, a GPS system that enables the drone to return back right to where it was launched, the Epp hulls and its incredible lightweight which plays a major role in ensuring that the drone is absolutely safe for indoors navigation. You are sure of getting nothing but one of the best there is out there. With a splash and dust proof lens, the camera is capable of giving a remarkable 180 degrees view and able to take photos at 14Mp. Remarkably, this camera uses an advanced technology known as “digital image stabilizer” to accurately shoot the finest aerial photos and videos. Like most of the top quadcopters, parrot Bebop as well is capable of transmitting live feeds directly to your device or uploading on social networks. Without a doubt, you will never regret owning this advanced kind of machine.

UDI (U818A RC) Quadcopter

This type of drone is not only advanced when it comes to great features, it is also one of the most affordable quadcopters available today. It is basically designed with a 4 channel controller system that generally improves the drone’s stability and makes it propel with ease. Its appealing shape makes it more admirable and popular among most companies and people, while it’s easy to repair system makes it even more demandable. So, how about the camera? As much as the in-built camera may not be as advanced or sophisticated as the previous three ones, you can be sure of bringing home quality photos or videos. Basically, the camera is an FPV type capable of shooting in remarkably 640*480 Avi. It also comes with a SD 2GB memory card for saving recorded photos and videos.

Hubsan (X4) Quadcopter

If you are looking for a micro-quadcopter that is capable of taking quality photos and videos, then you don’t need to look further. Hubsan X4 quadcopter comes with an in-built camera which is 0.3 megapixel and capable of recording videos in 640*480. Although these features may seem much more inferior, this is absolutely one of the drones you cannot ignore when it comes to performing various tricks while taking your photos or shooting a video. Gyro RC Quadcopter Indeed, this also one of the best quadcopters with camera. It features a HD easy to change camera, which comes with a 2GB SD card. This means that you can store your photos and videos easily in any other device for easier uploading. Gyro Rc Quadcopter is one of the most flexible out there with ability to flip at 360 degrees aversion and its lightweight allows it to be flown even indoors.