Basic facilities of a hotel spa

Eduardo Enrique Finci, director of the American Association of Spa, notes that an ordinary spa must have missed a dry sauna, a wet, Scottish shower and tub. The opening of this market has allowed the concept is maximized in holiday resorts. Indeed, throughout Latin America, the spa hotels have become a booming business where guests looking for an experience of renewal of mind and serenity. We suggest visiting Brazilian wax deals in Manhattan to know more.

What are the facilities of a spa hotel?

In the book Hotel Management: A New Vision written by J. Gallego, this new type of tourist accommodation is examined. Its origins are set in the 80’s Several hotels in the United States and Europe added services systems between relaxation, beauty care and health improvement by hydrothermal techniques.

The hotel spa is distinguished from the market. The temporary stay basically offered a bed and food, became a real emotional experience recharges. J. Gallegos about lists a list of equipment and systems to be implemented consistently in these sights.


Thermae is a place built with an air conditioner that can make 50 to 70 ° C; the objective of this place is clean of certain impurities in the body and cause the skin a smoother appearance through sweating.

Turkish bath

Similar to the thermal bath, this room should be waterproofed to counteract moisture. The Turkish bath is acclimated to a temperature of 45 ° C using steam-producing equipment. Unlike the baths, sweating here is lower due to the saturation of the air.

Scottish shower bithermal

This structure has 4 circuits totaling 19 water jets. The pressure exerted by them in the body at a certain temperature stabilizes the circulatory system. A variation of this shower in which essential oils are used. Another, shower Vicky jets 5 is installed parallel to a stretcher; massages and other treatments clean waste.

Manual jet jet tub

It is formed by hydro massage equipment in which the water temperature is measured and which can consistently program the jet pressure.


The foot bath is described as a 5 meter corridor in which are set in two side water jets. The floor is made up of pebbles. When the customer enters the hall, the system triggers the liquid to a hot temperature. At the end of treatment, the feet are massaged.

Exercise pool

This pool is therapeutic nature, swimming and relaxing exercises rehabilitation therapies run.


“The spa hotels have become a booming business where guests looking to experience mental renewal.”

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