Bad Removal Companies – Spotting The Signs

The majority of companies in the removals industry are decent, respectable companies who carry out their services to a very high standard. Unfortunately, there are some companies who use underhand methods to dupe unsuspecting customers. Here are just some of the signs to spot when you’re choosing a man with van for a house move.

1) Tone of Voice

This is an unusual tip, but in most instances, it does hold true. The standard in the removers industry is that customer service employees are polite and friendly when they’re talking to a customer on the phone. If you speak to a person representing a moving company who is disinterested and rude, it’s best to avoid dealing with this company.

2) Vagueness

When you call a removals company, you must ask them questions regarding the length of time they have been in business for and what services does the quote entail.
If you speak to someone who refuses to answer those questions or who answers in a vague manner, this is another warning sign. Most companies are quite happy to tell their customers how long they have been in business for and give full details regarding their services.

3) Changes in Quote

If you’ve been given a quote over the phone and then receive an email from the company with a quote that is substantially more than the one agreed, this is a flashing neon sign that you cannot ignore. It’s a possibility that the person who you spoke to made an error in regards to the pricing involved in the quote, but you must contact the company back right away to resolve the situation. Don’t wait until the day of the move to try and complain about the quote, as the company are unlikely to change the quote at that point. Remember that it’s a free quote, which you’re not obliged to accept and if you’re not happy about the change in the price of the quote, you should look elsewhere.

4) Too Good to be True

There are movers that will charge prices that do seem to be too good to be true. There is cheaper removal companies in London that carry out a good service, but when a company is offering a service that is way lower than other companies in the industry this should set the alarm bells going. It is more than likely the company in question will charge you more money at the end of the move for additional costs that they failed to mention before.

5) Beware a PO Box Address

When you are doing research into the moving company, you should visit their website. If you see a PO Box address on their website, rather than an office address, give that company a wide berth. Many bad removers use PO Box addresses, so that they cannot be contacted later. Also, if a company insists on using a mobile number, rather than a landline, it is best to avoid them.

6) Are they Insured?

Most decent movers will have some form of insurance. You must ask the company before you agree to the move whether they are insured. If they’re unclear as to whether they are insured or not, cross them off your list and move onto the next company.

7) Payment for the Move

When you call a company regarding the move, you should ask the company what method of payment do they take i.e. debit card, credit card etc. If they only take cash, you should avoid them as that is usually a sign of a bad company.