Always Measure Your Attachments When Finding Car Covers

You can easily find a great car cover that will fit over your vehicle. Many car covers are designed with features that specifically focus on certain models. These are adjusted based on the curves and dimensions of a vehicle. Everything can be designed to provide you with that perfect fit that you’ve always been looking for.

 However, you must be aware of the attachments that you have on your vehicle. Many smaller vehicles can come with bike or ski racks that you can install on the roof of the car. These only take up a few inches but they can really make a difference in terms of the car’s dimensions.

 Some SUVs and other vehicles designed for off-road use may also come with spare tire spots. The tire has to be properly covered even though it will create a significant protrusion on the body of your car.

 The attachments that come with a car cover will vary by each model and every user’s preference. You need to review these attachments on your own vehicle to get an idea of what you might need.

 Measure the Height and Length Alike

 The key for checking on your vehicle is to measure the height and length of your car when all attachments are included. Go from the bottom part of the vehicle up to the tip of any attachments on top of it. Also, go from the front bumper to the very end part of the spare tire on the back if you have one.

 You can do this even if you don’t have a spare on the back but you have space to hook one up there. It never hurts to do this in the event that you do get a spare for use.

Check the Cover Measurements

 Make sure you review the measurements on a proper canopy model as you look for the right cover. Check its width and height and compare those measurements with the ones you just got.

 Look and see if there is enough space for you to fit the cover onto your vehicle or if you need to find a larger unit. This might require you to stick with a cover model that is for a different vehicle from the same make in some of the most extreme cases. However, some companies tend to give a little bit of leeway just in case some attachments are to be factored into the process of making a cover.

 Still, you can feel free to go a little over whatever is recommended in order to fit over the attachments. Do not go too big or else you will end up having a loose fit over your vehicle. This will make the cover likely to slip off after you install it. It may also create an overly baggy feel after the attachments are removed.

 Make sure you measure your vehicle and its attachments before you look for car covers. You need to be certain that you’ve got a cover that will fit over your vehicle based on the needs you’ve got.

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