A Stroll Through History with Kevin Sheehan

A stroll across the Charles bridge in Prague is something that you need to bring the love of your life, states Kevin Sheehan without any reluctance. It’s something that trumps Paris’ Eiffel Tower promenade and needs to be worthy of throwing a locket into the river for good luck as you seal away your love forever. Mr. Kevin M. Sheehan has been Chief Executive Officer and President at Scientific Games Corporation since August 5, 2016. Mr. Sheehan served as the Chief Executive Officer of NCL (Bahamas) Ltd. He served as the Chief Executive Officer and President of NCL Corporation Ltd. since August 2010 until January 8, 2015. He is leading the development of “Project Breakaway,” at Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings. He joined Norwegian Cruise in November 2007. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. since November 2008 until January 8, 2015 and served as its President since August 2010 until January 8, 2015. He served as President of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. from August 08, 2008 to March 2009. He served as a Consultant at Apollo Global Management, LLC. For a living, Kevin Sheehan is the type of person who saved up all his money to go back to his roots and leave his corporate job on Wall Street. He is now a trademark travel blogger that recounts all the special foods and stories behind the people of various cultures he meets. Some of his favorite trips include Porto in Portugal, Santorini in Greece and of course the cherished Prague, Czech Republic. He likes to reveal the local secrets during his travels and makes friends with vagabonds on the street.

Apart from the Charles bridge in Prague, one of Kevin Sheehan’s other favorite spots in this holy city is the Jewish Ghetto which was built in the 13th century. An area rich with religious impunities stems back in history when all the people in Prague were forced to evacuate their current residential homes and seek solace in the cramped Jewish quarters. Can you imagine getting exiled from your own city based on the religion that you’ve been born into or decided to follow? To add to the cramped conditions that the Jews had to live, they were rejoice by many other Jews at the time who travelled from other European cities.

If you’re into learning more about the Soviet Union with visual components versus just the pages of a history book, then visiting the KGB Museum is the perfect place for you to take a break from your peaceful city walks. Sheehan mentions that this small museum is loaded with arsenal that will make all you warfare fans go crazy. From old spy cameras, weapons used to torture prisoners and secret weapons at the time and of course old photographs of Prague taken during the late 1960s of bare streets.