A Little About Cardiac Procedures In India

Cardiac Procedures

Cardiac procedures include a variety of invasive and non-invasive procedures such as cardiac bypass surgery, angioplasty, valve replacement surgery, minimally invasive surgery, interventional cardiology, non invasive image processing, heart mapping, etc. Here, we will discuss some of the procedures in brief.

Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting

This is a treatment procedure that is used to treat coronary heart disease. This surgical method is used to bypass clogged or narrowed arteries to restore the normal supply of blood to the heart. The arteries get clogged or narrowed due to the deposition of plaques or other materials which obstruct the blood flow to the heart. Bypassing is done by taking another blood vessel from the chest, leg or arm and fixing it to the coronary artery. This vessel is called graft.

The cost of CABG in India is about $4500. The patient needs to spend little more than a week in the hospital.

Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy

Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy is used to correct the contraction or relaxation of the heart which is often affected due to heart failure. It is used to improve the efficiency of the heart in pumping blood to the body. This is achieved by stimulating the lower chambers of the heart. The cardiac resynchronization therapy cost in india is more affordable than in other more developed countries in the world.

The therapy is given using a CRT-D which is a cardiac device. The device sends electrical impulses through insulated wires placed on the heart in order to synchronize the contractions of heart’s upper and lower chambers. The device possesses a pulse generator and pacing leads. However, unlike a pacemaker, this device has an extra lead placed on the left ventricle for enabling coordinated pumping of the heart. CRT-D is implanted under the skin under local anaesthesia.

CRT-D monitors the heart’s rhythm and corrects any abnormality or arrhythmia that may be associated with Heart Failure or any other cardiac disease.

The CRT-D can last on an average of seven years and is dependent on the amount of energy that is required to maintain the rhythm of the heart. There are no dietary restrictions associated with the device. The cost of crt d in india is considered to be the cheapest in the world.

Coronary Angioplasty

Coronary Angioplasty is a procedure which is used to widen the diameter of blocked or narrowed coronary arteries. This is done in order to improve blood supply to the heart and minimize the chances of a cardiac arrest. The cost of angioplasty in India is about $4500.

Angioplasty involves the use of a catheter which is guided to the coronary artery with the help of an X-Ray video followed by removing the deposits using an inflated balloon. The procedure normally takes between 30 minutes and 3 hours.

Aortic Valve Replacement

Aortic Valve Replacement is a surgical procedure which is used to replace a damaged or defective aortic valve. The artificial valve placed in its position is either made from animal tissues or synthetic material. The cost of the procedure is about $6000.