A Leading Name In The Beauty Business Of USA- William Lauder

Beauty and cosmetics are a lady’s first love! When it comes to the management of this business, it is no different from any other company. It needs the expertise and the vision of a skilled and experienced leader. One name that strikes a chord in the beauty and cosmetic industry in the USA is William Lauder.

William Lauder is the son of Leonard and Evelyn Lauder. He is the scion of the Estée Lauder Company founder- Mrs Estée Lauder. He became the Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors and the Executive Chairman of the Company in July 2004. He was in tenure till June 2009. He was a potent inspiration to the growth of the Company during this 5 year period. Under him, the Company witnessed many changes. The Estée Lauder Company is an organization that is a strong name to reckon with today. Thanks to the visions and leadership of William Lauder, the Company is a benchmark in the cosmetics and beauty industry in the USA.

William Lauder played a vital role in expanding the international brand presence of the Company. He made the distribution channels very strong and has really given a great boost to the portfolio of The Estée Lauder Company across the globe. The Estée Lauder Company is not the only organization where he has proved his mettle. In 1986, he was the Regional Marketing Director of Clinique in USA. He looked after the metro area in New York. Under him, the Origins brand was created and this gave birth to the novel store inside a store creation.

He had good business acumen and this was the prime reason why he managed to be promoted to many leadership positions. He was also a primary leader of the global business operations for Clinique and Origins. He went ahead to become the Chief Operating Officer in 2003 with the responsibility of overlooking the global operations of the Company. William Lauder was also in charge of the retail business of the Company and nine specialty brands.

It was under his strong leadership skills, that Clinique’s “Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion” became the best selling prestige skin product in the USA. Along with this Clinique also launched its anti-aging product for the first time in the USA and this too became a grand success. William Lauder is indeed a potent leader and this is why he is highly respected in the beauty and cosmetic industry in the USA today!