7 Ways Of Smart Branding Using Graphic Designing Art

Graphic designing helps a business for better branding to catch more clients and building a brand’s identity. It is used to reach particular audience, targeting them and then marketing products or services. Without graphic designing, every business branding is like a fish without water.
Branding has emerged as a powerful medium to achieve business goals in this fast paced world. With increasing use of internet in Dubai, business owners are in a gear to find best graphic designers to do branding in Dubai.
Graphic designing fills colors into a brand making it alive and worthy. It is an art that helps to reach potential customers that a company is looking for. Here we have elaborated seven exciting ways of branding and the graphic designing required for them.

1. Banner

Banner is not just a piece of cloth used for branding today, but it is now turned into web banners, flex or flash banners that are most effective modern digital advertising media to attract more customers. These banners serve great branding purpose for a business and are designed by expert graphic designers who work on latest tools and software to bring best designs. Graphics for banner is designed by using pencil tools, airbrushing, cloning, gradient and other blending tools over Flash or static animated backgrounds.

2. Billboard

This large outdoor marketing structure is very much popular in Dubai due to its high-density consumer exposure. Billboards are placed in high traffic places with huge visuals and catchy slogans. Billboard designing requires special graphic designing considerations that may be costly but brings high number of clients for a brand or company. Graphic designers work on typography such as color contrast, background, visuals and fonts by maintaining spatial order in elements.

3. Advertisement

Advertisement, the most impactful source of marketing, have revolutionized business for centuries due to its electrifying appeal on viewers. Today, the great scope of online advertisement demands more innovative ideas of graphics to stand out in competition. The success of any ad depends on the best graphics that consists of Quick or Advanced animation modes, 2D and 3D authoring using CSS3, design view and code view along with incorporating HTML tags.

4. Brochure Design

This branding tool is used by companies and organizations to advertise about their services and goods in an effective manner. Brochures are designed two page leaflet or pamphlet including little bit more detail about a brand. Graphic designers make illustrations for a brand using quality photos or stock clips. It includes texts separated by “pull quotes” or “call-outs” to make the information more interesting to read. Serif and sans serif fonts are used mostly for brochure branding.

5. Flyer Design

Graphic designing for flyers is more challenging for branding purpose for short space but more to design. This low cost but effective tool of mass marketing includes content about a company or business along with images, line markups, striking color amalgamation and bold typography. It consists of print-ready dpi designed as layered PSD with help file.

6. Social Network Pages

Due to increasing use of social media in Dubai, it is smart enough to have social network pages to get connected with customers. Interesting social media pages at Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, Flicker and others, can help to boost a business over night by getting more likes and shares. Graphic designing for such platforms demands creativity to grab attention that a visitor may retain their for long.

7. Vehicle Branding

Advertising a business with vibrant vehicle graphics adds more visibility to a brand. It is also the best popular way of branding in Dubai and all across the world due to its eye catching nature and transporting around cities to reach multiple audiences. Vehicle graphic designing, also known as Fleet graphics, car branding, vehicle stickers or car graphics is done in variety of styles using different graphic designing art like sign writing, 3D wrap design, logo design, optical illusion for full digital wraps and customized decals.

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