7 Factors That Affect Hearing Aid Battery Lifespan

Like any battery-powered device, your hearing aid’s battery consumption depends on several factors. Here are the things you should consider when evaluating the battery lifespan of your Victoria hearing aids:

  1. Battery quality – obviously, higher end batteries like Energizers last longer than the batteries that you can buy in packs at the dollar store. Apart from that, the better quality batteries will deliver the required power more consistently, whereas the cheap ones will peak easily and then  degrade faster in terms of power delivery and battery life.
  2. Battery size – with the trend toward slimmer and stealthier devices came the need for smaller batteries. Unfortunately, smaller batteries also mean less battery capacity. Even with advances in battery technology, the added features that have become standard mean higher power consumption.
  3. Operating temperature – batteries are affected by humidity and temperature. Low temperatures shorten battery life, while high humidity can cause swelling and moisture that also reduced battery life. Note that these conditions have to be in the extreme range to affect battery life, but they are still factors to consider.
  4. Usage – how often you use your hearing obviously affects battery life. If you use your hearing for only a few hours a day, removing the batteries will improve battery life. It is also suggested that you open the battery cover when the device is not in use to allow moisture to escape.
  5. Hearing aid features – the more functions you have available (and activated) in your hearing aid, the more its consumption will be. Your hearing aid manual will give an indication of what you should expect in terms of battery life. Be aware though that these manufacturer estimates can be on the optimistic side and assume that the user is using top-rated batteries.
  6. Even a hearing aid with the most basic functions can have variances in consumption. One of the variables that most affect consumption is the amount of hearing loss of the user. The higher the hearing loss, the more amplification needed. More amplification equals higher power consumption.
  7. Replacement batteries are best kept in their packaging. Batteries that are kept loose in a bag or purse will have a shortened life before you even put them in your hearing aid.

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