5 Ways To Cure Knee Pain Without Surgery

Suffering through knee pain is an agonizing ordeal. Running, jogging or even walking feels like an impossibility if you’re experience intense discomfort in your knee joints. Follow a few smart tips to address your knee pain effectively.

Use these 5 techniques to cure knee pain without surgery.

Work Your Core Muscles

As your leg bones shift inward due to weak core muscles your knee pain is likely to increase. Develop core strength to make your knee pain a thing of the past. Keeping your spine in a neutral position through regular core exercise aligns your lower body and helps you avoid painful joint compression. Pilates exercises can develop a mean, lean and powerful core region if you follow these workouts regularly.  Improve the function of both your upper and lower body by doing Pilates and get rid of your knee pain for good. Other options include kickboxing, yoga, dancing, ab ball exercises and working out on a fitness ball to power up your core and to alleviate knee pain.


Adequately stretching the muscles that support your knees can lessen pain in the region. Compressive force on the knee joints develops if your support muscles are rarely stretched. Sitting frequently causes your gluteus maximus muscles to become imbalanced. As your thigh muscles and hamstrings become overworked you can develop knee pain due to the overall imbalance in the leg muscles. Keep these muscles loose and working in unison by stretching frequently. Stretch the inner thigh muscles, the hamstrings and the gluteus maximus muscles regularly to lessen the likelihood of any muscle imbalance occurring and to keep your knee joints pain-free.

Get Your Butt in Gear

Exercising your gluteus maximus muscles – or butt – strengthens your leg muscles and reduces the chances of suffering through painful knee injuries. Do hip extensions and deep squats to get your glutes in working order. Even if you don’t use weights you’ll get a seriously intense workout since most people’s butt muscles are largely under worked.  Feeling a slight burn in your glutes indicates that you’re hitting the sweet spot.

Find Your Game Weight

Finding your ideal, healthy weight places less stress on your body and knees. Packing on too many pounds puts excess pressure on your knee joints. Imagine a large mansion built on a weak, feeble foundation. Slowly decreasing your weight through diet and exercise takes pressure off of your knees. Fat cuts down your muscle strength and also places a heavier strain on your knees. Getting rid of fat makes you stronger, healthier and less apt to experience osteoarthritis and other conditions that promote knee pain.

For low impact, knee-friendly exercises consider cycling, working the elliptical trainer or water aerobics.

Foot Homework

Although you may crave the latest and greatest fashions when it comes to your tootsies buying the wrong footwear places great stress on your knees. Wearing high heels tightens your calf muscles and increases compressive force on your tender knee joints. Go with flat shoes. Stretch your calves regularly. Trash workout sneakers regularly to support your feet and knees adequately.