5 Ideas For A Super Romantic Weekend In Paris!

Dream to have the most romantic weekend in your life?
You won’t find a better place than Paris!

Glory of Paris as the most romantic city on the earth spreads around the world for a long time. The French capital is so original, so multi-faceted and exciting…it’s just woven out of fashion, arts, history, wine bars, sidewalk cafes and, of course, of romance!

Without any doubt, Paris is one of the most romantic places in the world and it’s considered as the best place to talk about your amorous feelings!

If you want to spend the most romantic weekend, let us to submit you several amazing places for you and your beloved one.

It would be better to get a rental car, because what is a romantic weekend in a bus or a trolley? So, if you’re ready, join your hands and let’s start one of the most exciting adventures in your life!

1. Climb up the Eiffel Tower!

Location: Champ de Mars, 5 Avenue Anatole France, 75007 Paris, France
GPS Position (parking): 48.856531, 2.298505
Length of visit: 1-2 hours

Of course, everyone knows about the Eiffel Tower and its charming atmosphere! This is unforgettable experience to climb up more than 1,000 feet of height with your loved one and enjoy enchanting beauty of the skyline! With its gorgeous views of the city and magical ambience, it’s the perfect place to propose, don’t you think?

Admission: 15 € for 1 person
Hours: daily 9.30am-11pm

2. Sign on the Wall of Love!

Location: Square Jehan Rictus, Place des Abesses, 75018 Paris, France
GPS Position (parking): 48.884477, 2.33801
Length of visit: 1-2 hours

“I Love You”…this is the most important words in your life. Want to learn how these words look in 311 different languages? Take your sweetheart to the Le Mur Des Je T’aime, also known as The Wall of “I Love You’s” and you won’t need to open your mouth and say any words. The wall will speak for you!

Admission: free
Hours: 24/7

3. Visit famous Notre-Dame de Paris!

Location: 6 Parvis Notre-Dame – Place Jean-Paul II, 75004 Paris, France
GPS Position (parking): 48.852058, 2.351787
Length of visit: 2-3 hours

Shrouded in legends and myths and illustrious by the great Hugo in his eponymous novel, Notre Dame is one of the most romantic and mysterious places in France! Take your beloved one and climb the tower of the cathedral: a narrow spiral staircase leads to the platform from which you can admire amazing views of Paris and its surroundings. And don’t forget a camera to catch stunning photo-shots when the last rays of the sun falls to the majestic construction…

Admission: free
Hours: daily 8am-6.45pm

4. Stroll along the Bois de Vincennes!

Location: 51 Avenue St Maurice, 75012 Paris, France
GPS Position (parking): 48.834929, 2.432891
Length of visit: 2-3 hours

Bois de Vincennes is a true paradise for lovers of green landscapes and one of the most popular places for couples. You’ll find here a lot of fountains, canals, lakes, bridges, a zoo, botanical and tropical gardens. So, what could be better than a boat ride on the lake with your beloved one? Don’t miss it! You can also check a cozy restaurant right on the territory or feed the ducks on the shore. Enjoy!

Admission: free
Hours: daily 8am-6.45pm

5. Kiss on the Marie Bridge!

Location: Pont Marie, 75004 Paris, France
GPS Position (parking): 48.854236, 2.356996
Length of visit: <1 hour

This is an old stone bridge which is also known as “the bridge of lovers”! It’s located in the Le Marais district, and connects the right bank of the Seine and the island of St. Louis. There is a belief that if you and your loved one pass through the bridge for the first time, you have to kiss and make a wish! It will surely come true, and you with your loved one will be a happy together!

Admission: free
Hours: 24/7

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Fall in love in Paris!

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