5 Benefits Of Joining Greek Life In College

There are a million movies out there about sororities and fraternities, and they all make college life look like so much fun. In fact, Greek life is a lot of fun – especially if your idea of a full college experience includes activities outside of the classroom.

When you decide to get into the Greek life, you have the opportunity to make all of your college dreams a reality – so long as you can keep your grades high enough to finish school. Here are 5 benefits of joining Greek life in college.

1. Begin Career Networking

One of the biggest reasons why most people join Greek life is because there is the opportunity to make connections with other people who were a part of a specific sorority or fraternity before they graduated and started their careers. Indeed, if you are applying for jobs after college and the person interviewing you was a part of the same club, it may increase your chances of getting hired.

2. Make Friends

During fraternity and sororities rushes, you basically have the chance to interview all of the Greek houses on campuses and see which best fits your personality. This helps ensure that you will like your ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ in the house you join and make new lifelong friends.

3. Sense of Belonging

When you leave home to go to college, it can be very hard to leave all of your family and close friends behind. During those first few months of school, it’s natural to feel like a fish out of water, not knowing if you really belong at that school. However, if you join a fraternity or sorority you will be accepted by a whole group of people and will immediately feel like you have a home away from home.  There is a reason why fellow Greek housemates are called your ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ – you really do join a family that you will be a member of long after graduation.

4. Party Hard

If you’re the type of person who is looking forward to college mostly because you want to party, then Greek life is definitely for you. You won’t get the same kind of experience if you are earning your degree from USC online because you won’t have the opportunity to live on campus and come home to a party every night of the week. Just be careful, because you can be pressured to push your limits pretty often, and if you don’t know your limits yet, it won’t be long until your friends find them for you.

5. Built-in Study Buddy

While living in a fraternity or sorority house usually means a lot of parties and socializing, it can also surprisingly help you with your studies. It can be easy to find someone who is in the same class as you and interested in studying together for tests. Because you live together in the same house, you can find time to study at random times that best suit your schedule (and social calendar).