4 Essential Features In A Car DVR System

G-Sensor Movie Lock

This could well be the most essential two-in-one function to look for in a Car DVR program. If you should discover yourself in an incident or in desperate situations, you will probably discover yourself not able to stop your dash panel digital camera from documenting. You may be harmed, the car may be damaged, or you may simply forget to do so. Whatever the case may be, you may end up overwriting footage of the crucial event.

KKmoon Ultra Slim 3.0

An in-Car DVR program with a activity indicator, however, will be able to instantly identify if you’ve gotten into something like an incident. If your car instantly reduces, it will stop documenting and “lock” the footage in place. This will allow you to recover the unchanged footage at a later date – supposing the hard drive is unscathed.

High Storage Capacity

Speaking of storage area gadgets, it will be well worth your money to choose a Car DVR program that facilitates high-capacity SD credit cards. Cards are in the 32, 64, or even 128-gigabyte variety if you can discover the latter type. Some systems even support exterior hard disks which can provide area of up to 1tb or more.

You will need this more area to give your vehicle DVR more flexibility when it comes to crucial activities. While crucial activities may only need a few minutes, you may want to evaluation footage over for a many years. This is particularly useful working with long, drawn-out activities like when discussing with the cops or other motorists. This additional storage area space becomes even more essential when you consider the next function to be discussed: video quality.

High-Resolution Footage

The quality of the in-car digital camera linked to the Car DVR will determine the quality of it clips at your convenience. You have low quality (360p) normal quality, (480p), high-resolution (720p), high-definition (1080p), and ultra-high meaning (4k). You will want to work with high-res 720p and HD 1080p.

The cleaner, better footage allows you to catch better information that may be blurry out in reduced quality video clips. For example, dish figures, traffic lighting, turn alerts, and side alerts could all vanish on the bottom quality. However, this high-res footage will eat up a lot of storage area space – which further focuses on the need for high-capacity memory abilities.

Wide Working Heat Range

And last but not the least, you also need to keep a clear eye out on what conditions your car digital camera and DVR can accept before it gets damaged. The last thing you want to do is believe in an in-car digital camera program only to discover out that it passed away on you because of warm or the cold

This is a significant function to evaluation, especially if you recreation area your car in revealed areas. The warm from the summer sun and the cold winter time cool can destroy a Car DVR that’s not ready. Even if you consistently recreation area in secured, maybe even air-conditioned, areas, you never know when you’ll have no choice but to recreation area your car in a less-than-ideal spot – especially when you’re in a rush.