3 Tips For Purchasing Auto Parts

Are you in a pickle? If you need a specific auto part to get your car back on the road shopping around for it can be a confusing experience. Between online and offline dealers you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options. By keeping a few key ideas in mind you can buy reliable auto parts.

Do Your Homework

Doing thorough due diligence helps you find the right auto parts for your vehicle. Finding the right parts mean identifying dependable, quality parts at a reasonable price. You’ll avoid getting taken for a ride by dealers or online scheisters by doing your homework patiently. Don’t rush through this process or you’ll wind up regretting your rashness in the long run. Research for parts online. Scour the web for auto parts located in your area. Do a bit of research on local dealers to get a feel for their reliability and professionalism. Note the estimated delivery time of each part you need if you’re doing the long distance bit. Some parts from overseas could take weeks or even months to arrive. If the part you need is critical to your car’s operation you better expedite shipping to get it within a reasonable time frame.

Verify Like a Champion

Make sure to talk to the dealership to verify the part number you need for your ride.  Not confirming the part number can lead to a series of headaches in the future. Don’t assume anything and don’t believe that what you’re ordering for your specific make and model is the part that is compatible with your specific make and model. Verifying sets the record straight. Get on the horn and speak to the dealer. Specific transmission and engine combinations may require unique parts. Don’t think that this applies only to a few set parts. Starters, sensors, alternators, modules and computers may all be unique to certain transmissions or engines. Do your verifying to avoid a nightmare down the road.Buy auto parts intelligently by doing a little bit extra legwork.

Be Nice

Being polite during haggling sessions will make you stand out from the crowd. Most auto parts buyers don’t understand that you can be firm, shrewd and savvy without being rude. Separate the 2 mindsets by bargaining with a smile. Be nice. You’ll get the best deal by simply being honest, upfront and pleasant with parts dealers. On the flip side if you try to take dealers for a ride you won’t get the part that you need or you may wind up paying a huge premium for an initially inexpensive part. Honesty is both the best and most valued policy when it comes to haggling for auto parts.  Maintain realistic expectations during your negotiation sessions. Be reasonable. If you treat dealers with respect they’ll treat you with respect. One hand washes the other quite nicely, thank you. Do your homework to come to the table with truthful, honest figures for the parts you want to buy to ensure that the negotiating gets off on the right foot.

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