3 Tips For Becoming A Surrogate Parent

Surrogate parents may benefit financially, emotionally and spiritually from helping a family. Before you make such a life-changing decision you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. Being a surrogate is not necessarily an easy endeavor.

Use these 3 tips to figure out if you’re ready to be a surrogate parent.

Is Your Family on Board?

Many single women become surrogates but an increasing number of mothers and wives are choosing to take this route for a wide range of reasons. Financial motivators and more altruistic drivers may spur a family women to carry a baby for another couple or individual. Before you make the choice to be a surrogate consult with your family.

Understanding spouses and children are not immune from being selfish at times. Knowing that you’ll need to keep the baby’s needs first throughout the pregnancy sets up a precedent that can help smooth things out during rough periods. Make sure all family members are on board before you decide to research a surrogacy agency. Avoid any unfortunate situations during the pregnancy by having every family member voice their concerns. Doing so will usually result in your family fully supporting your choice.

Keep in Shape

Get in shape to prepare yourself for your pregnancy. Take care of your body to give the baby a good home. Find your optimal weight by working out regularly. Don’t get too thin as you need enough body weight and strength to support the life living inside of you.  Walk at least 5 times weekly for 30 minutes per day. Eat a diet rich with fruits and vegetables to stay in shape. Consume lean proteins and complex carbohydrates to fuel your machine.

Carrying too much or too little weight can affect your pregnancy. Find your game weight by eating intelligently and working out regularly. Just don’t push it on the diet or workout side of things to maintain your optimal weight.

Undergo Psychological Testing

Carrying someone else’s baby may be a new experience for you if you haven’t done the surrogate thing yet. A wide range of emotions may flood throughout your being during the pregnancy. To ensure that you’re mentally capable of being a surrogate mom, undergo psychological testing. Remember that you want to help all parties involved, yourself included. If you are compensated financially but experience mental scaring which takes years to overcome what good was the surrogate pregnancy?

You will need to review why you want to be a surrogate to be clear about your motivator. Expect to be asked questions about your views on childbirth and pregnancy. This can’t be a short term thing with your eye only on monetary gain. The physical and emotional trauma you may experience up to and during childbirth need to be addressed before you’re deemed fit to be a surrogate. Honestly answer any questions to make sure you’re a match with surrogacy. No questions are off base so be prepared to answer queries about your prior relationships and marriage.  Psychologists trained in surrogacy issues will usually administer these tests.